Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Requiem to Pride

A Requiem to Pride

Once upon a time, a rampart broken stood
As one eroded by time, and ruined by fate would.
The ones it guarded stranded it alone,
The poetic mending wall was left to moan.

Defending it was, for all its glory,
In all its time, it never felt sorry
For all it did to separate hearts
And all the unity it did to parts.

But now it rues with all the remorse
That was never there when those
Blinded by it and given in to the tide*
Sorely failed to see the other side.

Too late now, it laments, even to perish;
For fate, in it, did not cherish
Alas! The end could have left it unforsaken,
But for the roads that were never taken.


*tide of anger.

This is the first of the "valid" ones that I came up with. I believe it was in the 4th yr of my undergrad...


Ragz said...

The wall would be proud
Somebody is speaking for it aloud
The requiem is for the pride
Stood against the wall, not by the side

My interpretation Kedar, Wonderful one by you, It was like the wall talking.


Gandaragolaka said...

you know what I am going to do?? I am going to collect all these 4-liners and make a collection... how can you come up with these so easily?????

aasru kavi!