Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nalinakanthi Kriti

First of all... I dont know where to post this... so I am posting it at myblog!

Months ago, I had "composed" a kriti on Lakshmi in Nalinakanthi.
Bad attempt... neither lyrics, nor music was worth mentioning... but anyways, I lost it. I believe Vidya has it...
Got enthu again, and this time, at least the lyrics part is a bit "oker". This time, its not the adi talam... its the misra-chapu! adjusted the lyrics for the taalam...

Got the pallavi swaras figured out... working on other parts... please please please.. any advice on either improving the lyrics or any offer on providing music (esp PRC) and you are a life saver!!!

As you can see, the pic is a screen shot.. used telugu lipi editor.


Random Walker said...


before i even say something... i need to know your idea or atleast the notes in the pallavi that you have in mind. i want to know your scheme for distributing the lyrics in the pallavi in misra chapu. cuz, the pallavi has 26 spaces to be distributed into a 7 beat pattern. so there are various ways of tackling the issue, you can start with two blanks and use four 7 beat cycles to comple 2+26 = 28. or you can use a 1+13+1+13 scheme (i dont like usage of 13 in a lakshmi kriti;))or you can add two more syllables to the lyrics in the pallavi. or choose which of the consonants have to be stretched to fill up the 7 beat pattern.and a whole deluge of ways to tackle the problem.

secondly, the last line of charanam needs a two syllable word sukha samriddhi vriddhi pradhaayini or a complicated tala structure to fill the space.

on a minor note, is saagarasutha masculine?

eagerly waiting for your response. may b u shud send a recording of the pallavi you have in mind... so its easy to visualise what you are thinking. however when i first read the lyrics the only raga that suggested itself to me was suddha saveri (even though it was clearly written in the lyrics that "i am nalina kanthi")...

Gandaragolaka said...

here it is: I have placed dashes in sahityam only when there is enough place, if u get me!

One more point-- I believe nalinakanthi has the following meends, r->m, p->s, g->r.. so I sort of used them...

g g r ,m - m - | g g r ,s - n - |
dhya- ,ye- - - | pa- d ,mi- ni- |

g g - ,r - m - | r - - ,- - - - |
hiran-,- - ma- | yi- - ,- - - - |

r m - ,p - n - | p s - ,s - s - |
hari- ,hru-da- | ya- - ,sthithe |

s n - ,p - m - | g p m ,g - r s |
tribhu,va- na- | pu- - ,ji- the-|

Also, I just saw in eng-sanskrit dictionary that suta can be both son and daughter. Dared to use it after remembering "himadri suthe pahimam".

We sure need to think about the last line.. any suggestions???

Gandaragolaka said...

shit! I had formatted my comment using a lot of care...

anyways.. if u have any problems understanding it, let me know (if u allign the pipes and commas, u shud be good to go..)

Aakarsh said...

babu kedar bhagavathar!! plzz maaku inferiority complexes ivvodhu naayana!!