Thursday, April 21, 2005

Osmania biscuit-II "The grand disillusionment"

Order... the basic premise of the universe and the ultimate goal of every system. Order is essentially bound by a set of concrete principles aimed at preserving it and maintaining its continuity. You were born within the perimeter of those rules, grew up within those rules, thought, played, ate, drank within those rules... and then suddenly you find that rule is broken and no longer in effect. The human mind cannot accept such harsh and blatant truths hurled at it calmly. It naturally denies it at first, dismissing it as a figment of its imagination, then enters a region of compromise as a glitch within the system, but when rule is being broken daily, the mind is consigned to disbelief, melancholy, and disllusionment, all fighting for their share of torment in the mind.

I experienced exactly such a situation when I noticed city busses with route numbers like 434, 430, or even 900!!! I always grew up with the notion that bus route numbers can NEVER go beyond 299... but here they are. And no one says a thing!! Such callousness... such non-challance...such lethargy of our Hyderabadi people speaks volumes about our attitude towards the rules of our very own system. I bet if this had happened in Mumbai, Chennai, or Kolkata, there would have been riots and CRPF would have been called upon... but NO! not here! Call it stoicism, call it poker-faced mentality... I would never accept it, and I know who ever is reading this empathises with me.

Finally, I would like to point out to those readers who dont look from my point of view.. well let me tell you I am not the only one who feels this way Good'ol Lingam yadav also shares my perspective.. and readers, you poeople have to believe him at the least because....

"When Lingam Yadav is eating Osmania bisuit, he never lies"


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