Saturday, September 23, 2006

maya ka khel

Since the last few days, the great Mr.Musharraf suddenly seems to say and do things that I never expected of him-- first it was the firm rebuttal of the great Bush's admission that he was prepared to send troops into pakistan to find the terrorists, then he had something to reveal for CBS 60 minutes (RIP, Dan Rather!) that the then deputy secy. of state Richard Armitage said something about bombing Pakistan back to stone age and finally, the deferral of the F-16 deal by Pakistan.
Call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish, but I do smell something. I think that Musharraf is onto something here. By reacting angrily to Bush's remark (rather harmless if you consider that it amounts only to violating the sovereignty of a country whose president fawns on the US) and defering the F-16 deal, a strong message is sent to the world and the Pakistanis (well, especially the latter) that they are not slaves of the US and they have an independent existence and their leaders will not allow that to change at any cost. Also, Musharraf is playing the victim to perfection when he talks about Armitage and Bombing Pakistan to stone-age-- Look! Here is a leader who is prepared to accept the insulting proposition of helping the west in the fight against the fellow muslim in order to save his country. He is a true leader! May God bless him!
And he will lap up all the sympathy he can get from the gullible public.


Because two assassination attempts have already been made on him, and the Islamic hardliners are gaining good ground in Pak. More importantly, he is losing control over the Islamists. Not that he cares a lot about the countries affected by them, but they no longer listen to him. So.... he needs to crack-down on them-- neither to make an honest attempt at securing world-peace, not to please the US by doing his part in the fight against Terror-- he just wants to consolidate his position in his country. Having the common man's support in such a mission is of utmost importance. Playing victim of circumstances dissuades the common man from letting himself carried away by the imflamatory speeches of the extremist clerics! And makes him follow his leader, and president with more faith. And the US is ok with it-- of course they will be happy if their 'stand-up guy' gets stronger in his own country! They want him to be so!

God knows where he is leading Pakistan to... but I sincerely hope what Barkha Dutt says is true!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Posted in an orkut group by me--
My favorite character in the purAnAs is nArada. I shall investigate the character of nArada under the follwing headings:

1)A vital link:I think the very concept of Narada as an intermediary between the three kinds of beings-- the devas, the dAnavAs, and the humans is truly unbeatable.It is interesting to note that almost every mythilogical story involves nArada as a person being trusted by all. From outside, when we see the sequence of the purAnAs, we really feel that dAnavAs do not study their history properly-- time and again, nArada goes to dAnavAs and tricks them, and they still believe him.But if one goes into the depth, one can see that these are all stories out of a comic book. He who looks for a sequence has a very ignorant perspective of looking at Indian Mythology. In this regard, he supplies, through himself, that vital missing link in the story to make it more gripping.

2)Renunciation vs. Gruhasta Dharmam:
Many stories also involve him as one teaching a fitting lesson to some person, or (more frequently) him being taught a lesson in Bhakti. The latter one, I think is one of the most crucial central points about the SanAtana tradition. The moment nArada thinks he is the greatest bhakta of Hari since he has renounced the world, he is humbled by a common man! This is a great lesson, this is exactly why we have survived the onslaughts of religions that preach renunciation and living as an ascetic. Stories like these have taught the world that one can attain mOksha even while following the gruhasta dharmam.

If Mythological stories were serious, they would really be boring, because the common man doesnt want to be engrossed in bhakti all the time. So--- add a comic element! nArada is perfect in this role! His comic touch makes an impression on everyone right from the newborn to the aged. It is very difficult to forget an entertaining story. This is exactly why our stories are still intact even after thousands of years.