Thursday, June 09, 2005

An Ode to Bhairavaar

There is a very famous temple complex in Houston, TX called the Meenakshi Temple. It is mostly managed by Tamilians and so the names of the Gods there are "Sambarified." A small temple housed in the complex hallowed to Bhairava has the board "Bhairavaar." In an instant, the Ghost of Vikatakavi got into me and this precipitated:

Goes to war
In his red car,
Slays demons
But fears womans
As he wears only lemons.


Sketchy Self said...

Sary kedarvaar, but ven I wopen yuvar pajee in Mojilla FayirFaax yeverything is khichdi. But in Yinternet Yexplorer yeverythingees aalrite. Pleez ignore my yerlier khaament.

Sketchy Self said...

BTW, ever since I saw your post on "Siva Poojaku" that song is stuck in my head. I've finally cracked that raga :D

Ragz said...

Dude I cant see anyting clearly in your

Gandaragolaka said...

1. increase your font size may be...

2. use IE instead of mozilla may be..

3. switch on your monitor may be!

Aakarsh said...

dude!! even i am bored seeing same old templates @ blogspot..can u suggest me some..(with links ofcourse)..i actually want a new template for my music blog..wud like some instruments and notes on the background..(pics would be most ideal..but..)

Ragz said...

Vikatakavi...indeed...seen and pronounced same both ur blog :)


Gandaragolaka said...

well.. I just did a random search in google for "blog templates"... some links turned up.. this was one of those... there are on my office comp.. I will send them tomorrow.