Friday, June 24, 2005

Osmania Biscuit VII - Tiger Bal Reddy kismat

Its been a long time now. But I still recall the way the man talked to me for the first time. No formalities, no unnecessary modalities, just an honest nod and a terse comment that, if it was any other person, they could never take a guess that I was from hyderabad but not him! He is Lingam Yadav. He still visits our Kaiser-e-Hind cafe in Old Malakpet, especially when he meets Kedar, me and Laxman, our colony youth association leader.

People speak of Lingam's knowledge and humour. But few know of his expertise in predicting (rather declaring!) electoral results. That was the time when each and every street kid in our old city could tell you that Salahuddin Owaisi would sweep the Hyderabad seat once more. Lingam just kept smiling all along. He would not have got that out but for us friends; We were sitting in Light of Yadgaar that day, nalla Yadgiri had just ordered one more Dilkhush and chai and Lingam was just having his 8th Osmania Biscuit, "Charminar Baddam kodtadu ee saari, sawwaal ledu"... he said. We were staring at him in disbelief !! a minute of silence and we were still waiting for him to continue... "Patherghatti, Purani galli, Basheer mohalla, Lal Darwaza inka Langar Houz kelli pakka khabar unnadi maa poragalladi ... Baddam ki full guddinranta"
he said with almost no reaction, sipping his chai.

That was one of those rare occasions when Baddam Bal Reddy won the Hyderabad seat, against all odds. But we knew it days before the results!

We already know, "Lingam Yadav doesnt lie when he is eating Osmania Biscuit"
and we should also know, "Whatever Lingam Yadav says when having chai, will happen"


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Gandaragolaka said...

beats all of mine hands down!
almost believed I was there! (Trust me! Bhargav Shastry will!... especially because he is stupid enough to get ready to marry... getting engaged on 3rd!)