Friday, September 16, 2005

Osmania Biscuit VIII-- Lingam Yadav vs. Obul Reddy

He hates him-- I swear he hates him like hell! He even conspires to kill Obul Reddy. Lingam secretly believes I think about Obul more than I do about him! Poor Lingam's raat ki neend has been haraamed because of his morbid antipathy towards Obul. He tried lots of pseudo-innocuous machinations to get the address and/or phone number of his adversary from me, but he failed... not because I didnt want to give it to him, but because I myself didnt know where he is/was! I hardly know Obul for God's sake!!

But that wouldnt satisfy him... He thinks I am protecting Obul from him.

I still remember that day when I first saw the name 'Obul Reddy' in the paper... I actually had a good laugh because that was the first time I heard the name! Lingam, though, was a little circumspect in his reaction... and later I told him about how I went to even meet him, but alas! I could find him, and how I got into CBIT because of Obul Reddy (though accidentally), his condescending smirk was quite obvious! The third time, when I said I wanted to meet Obul once, that did it! His rage knew no bounds, and he swore he will kill that ******** !!
That day, he looked more dangerous than
1) the green-gochi clad "Ekelex Mahabali"
2) the duo of Veerabahu and GhanOdara
3) Veera Paandya Katta Bommana
4) or even Suryam for that matter who has only 2 of those instead of 3!!!! (Oops! sorry.. cudnt resist!).

Yup! we all saw the scene flabbergasted! Poor Jumman miya got to bear the brunt of his anger when Lingam's gutka was sprayed all over his kurta as a fractal image (only I know how much I tried to take that kurta from him!). Jumman was so depressed that he didnt fix "tube-lightla srinivas's" scooter in his "A1-mekanik" shop lying there fro a week already, which infuriated Srinivas to no end and he didnt go to "idly pavan's" place to fix some elctrical problem they had, resulting that they didnt have electricity all day and missed the cricket match, which dint please Idly's uncle Yellaji (dont ask me! thats a pet name among the really really Andhra folks!), and he hit the 'Ironing boy' Dasaratha, which made his mother launch a two-and-a-half hour long invective against the "sharma residency" which later petered down into muttered curses and spits in a vectored direction.

Which got me thinking, what has all this got to do with poor Obul Reddy, whose only fault was that he got the rank 2347 in EAMCET-1997, one ahead of me.

Nevertheless, I know I have to stay tuned for the Ragnarok, the epic final battle between Lingam Yadav and Obul Reddy, and some even argue the magnitude of this surpasses that of even QuickGun Murugun's and RicePlate Reddy's battle!


Pingu said...

i dont know who you are talking about..but that was hilariously written!

Sketchy Self said...

yet another Lingam long awaited! Katti flavor, don't know where you come up with the names..."tube-lightla srinivas"..."ironing boy dasaratha"...amazing!
Three cheers for the Osmania biskoot, jai lingam yadav!

divya said...

kedar! i qualify to leave a comment(even if i don't...i dare to!)...katthi post man!!!(haha!postman!)no katthi series actually!dug it all up and now its like a mountain of breath taking fun!my picks...the lungi thingie!!and next comes the train trip...follwed by this i guess!love it!

Random Walker said...

i give up. either you send me an osmania biskoot and hot chai (preferably with a makkhi in it)thro a time portal or tell me who these guys are. idlee pavan hahaha (supposed to be on par with dushatachathushatayaha hahahahaha)

Ragz said...

kya sahi likke yaroon, chindiyan...chai biscut...mazaa aagaya

Gandaragolaka said...

u all know who Lingam is... and now, u know who Obul is as well...
Jumman is my name for anyone who works in A1-mekanik shop!

enter 2 new chars!

1) Tube-lightla Srinivas:- He is a decent middle-class brahmin guy who is apparently good at fixing house-hold items. Once he came to our house to fix a tube-light, and from then on my mother assigned a title to the guy to differntiate him from a million other Srinivas that we knew. And from then on, he came to be known as "Tube-lightla Srinivas". He exists!!!

2) Idly Pavan:- We knew 2 Pavans, both were my childhood friends.. and my father, to distinguish, called one "boka" (marathi for "gandu pilli") because he had green eyes, and the other was, well, a bit bloated, just like...
Hence he called him Idly Pavan..

And these 2 names were also inducted forver into our colloquiums!