Monday, January 23, 2006

Identify the following compound

This is a test of your "hyderabadiness" (of course, N.A. if you are either not from Hyd or you dont claim to be from there!).

Identify the following compound "XXX":

"A panacea for several ailments which can be used both internally and externally.


Internal use:

COUGH COLD AND CORYZA Rub 4 drops of XXX on the neck, nose and also chest twice a day, morning and evening. It will also help if 4 drops are added to betel leaves or tea or coffee and consumed.

THROAT TROUBLE: Such as Tonsilitis, Hard Breathing and difficulty in swallowing--Add 2 drops of XXX in two to three glasses of boiling water and inhale vapour through mouth. Also paint the inside throat with swab dipped in XXX mixed with 1 oz. water

STOMACH TROUBLES: (Indigestion, Constipation, Flatulence, Loud Eructations, Bilious Retching and Loose Motions) Take 8 drops of XXX mixed with 1 oz. of water.

DYSENTERY Mix 8 drops of XXX with 10 grammes of butter or 50 grammes of curd and take twice, morning and evening on empty stomach till motions stop. Diet with barley water.

MALARIA: Fever followed by shivering-- Mix 8 drops of XXX with 1 oz. of water and take three times a day.

CHOLERA: Mix 8 drops of XXX with plain or soda water and take every 15 minutes till relief. During treatment take only Ganji or sabudana.

BREATHING TROUBLE OF CHILDREN: Mix 2 drops of XXX with mother's milk and feed the child. Also rub the chest of the child with 6 drops and foment with warm cloth. Repeat till relief. The above dosage is for children below 3 years.

External use:

HEADACHE: Rub on the forehead, 6 drops of XXX. If necessary repeat after two hours.

TOOTHACHE: Apply cotton swab soaked in XXX to the affected part ofthe gum every two hours till pain subsides.

EAR TROUBLE: Wash the affected ear with warm water and put 4 drops of XXX mixed with LUKEWARM coconut oil and plug with cotton.

PAINS: In any part of the body viz. Hands, feet, Back, Knees, etc.-- Rub on the affected part and foment with warm cloth. If the pain is chronic, mix XXX with equal quantity of kerosene oil and rub slowly twice a day morning and evening, foment with warm cloth and bandage.

SCORPION STING: Rub 4 drops of XXX on the part stung and apply heat from embers. Repeat till relief.

NOTE: XXX can be used during pregnancy also.