Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fleeting Infinity

I am.

Oh look! He is, as well.

And one more...

And there is another one...

Hmm... well, let me look at each one of these...

This one looks like a leader. He is golden, very tall, and shiny. It appears he gets others' things done really well, has a rich stentorian voice, goes about with a royal majesty, floors women and impresses all wherever he goes. Money was never a problem. He will probably get married with a heavy fanfare and have a couple of kids and be a proper family man, with ever rising popularity.
I wish I had his qualities. How very very great He is really is!

And that one... hmm.. looks like a researcher. A rather dark hard lean one with a tough head. They tell me that he listens only to the stupidest one for reasons better left unknown. He has a high strung temper and he is always trying to think, analyse, reason, rationalise. He will probably finish his Masters and then go on earn a PhD in one of the most difficult topics known thereby solving age old mysteries.
I wish I had his qualities. How very very great He is really is!

Ah! the third one... looks a little eely, has a greenish tint, and slithering. They tell me he has a honey coated tongue and that he is a great listener. He is famed to say the right things to the right people at the right time. He always has a lot of friends who think they have impressed him and can kick him anytime they want to, but its generally the other way around. He will probably end up earning a lot of money and friends.
I wish I had his qualities. How very very great He is really is!

And what about me? I am a little bronwish, not too tall, and probably with some adhering qualities... Hmm! Must be artist, or at the worst an art lover. Some say that I have a brilliance often misunderstood because I dont follow social norms. some say I lack the tact to face the world. Some others hate me for knowing what I know, and not knowing what I dont know.

But you know what I actually think? I think I...
Just then, I familiar sound... drowning the voices of all the companions in an equalising vortex...

The toilet is flushed. And the companions, all of them, regardless of their prophetic destinies, are forced to ride the same subterranean current into the same dark oblivion that is ever eager to decimate their existence for ever.

The toilet is flushed. It is clean and spotless without any trace of the introspection conducted with authority by one of the most unwanted entities known. Yet, the toilet is waiting... for the next batch of emotions and egos and ambitions and aspirations that think they can exist infinitely.