Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Bathos in Romance

Ok! Some disclaimers:
This is not me, and any resemblence between the narrator of the poem and myself (alive or dead)is purely coincidental! Unfortunately, I am not the romantic type. I always wanted to write a love poem, so I did (about two and a half years ago).

A Bathos in Romance

I look out into the window
Into the bare remains of snow
And bare remains of green that vanished ago.

Once stood spring here,
Brought she hope here,
That I'd find the one I was looking for dear.

A fair maiden used to dance
In my heart and used to glance
At me, her knight in shining armour and lance.

Stung by love, I searched for her;
Lost myself but looked for her;
Mad I was, fool I was, and hapless I was for her.

Many a lass passed my way,
And the heart stopped at each's say;
But soon realised, wasnt the one to make my day

And thus passed the spring--
Hope, but only hope did she bring
And left me to lament, when I wanted to sing.

Sorrow in eyes, gloom in heart
Are the treasures left to my part
But cling to me these, and faithfully do their part.

All the hope I had left my in tyranny,
Emptiness quells the short-lived mutiny,
Reigns supreme in my heart, and drives me to my destiny.

If its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, it is too much to ask for a chance to lose in love then to die without it?


P.S. : I experimented with a completely new style and rhyming for the first time through this poem.


Aakarsh said...

ento...inka naa comments also would reflect cliche`

Sketchy Self said...

This is a real love poem...and if anyone says it's not, let him ask Lingam yadav, who never lies while eating Osmania biscuit!

Ragz said...

"Love"lie (lovely)