Saturday, February 28, 2009

Analysis: Politics of Hatred

General Opinion:
This is all just politics of hatred. Everybody from politicians, police, and religious organisers are together in this. These people are in it for money, land, and power. There is hardly anything religious about it.

Underlying Assumption:
All religions are born in the same way, and given a particular situation, all of them make their adherents act in a similar manner.

Some irrefutable facts:
1) Hindus in India dont fret about persecution of Hindus in Malaysia, Fiji, or Pakistan.
2) Hindus in India fully understand that these internal problems of the respective countries.
3) Hindus in India realise that the best way is to raise public awareness in India and make sure the GoI takes appropriate steps through the international diplomatic channels.

1) In Pakistan, children are taught to hate Hindus.
2) This is a part of Pakistan's geo-politics to acquire Kashmir.
3) Pakistani Muslims should have nothing to do with either Muslims or Hindus in India.

Now, for some analysis:
Two questions arise:
1) If someone still believes all religions are same, can Hindus be succesful in preaching hatred against someone like, say Jews, Buddhists, Jains, or even Muslims in Pakistan who have nothing to do with Hindus in India?
2) If you are sensible enough to figure out the right answer for the first question, doesnt it follow that there is something in Islam that preaches hatred and violence, tailormade for Pakistan to be used against India?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some masala on hamare pyare "Rahul Gandhi"

This is known to many now, but then, you may be called a 'right-wing hindutva fanatic' for knowing this. Nevertheless, good fun:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog: Neo vs. Anderson

Smith: You hear that Mr. Anderson?... That is the sound of inevitability... It is the sound of your death... Goodbye, Mr. Anderson...
Neo: My name... is Neo.
Concisely, three things I realised after watching the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"--
1) Most of the scenes show slums (which is of course the backdrop of the movie, so no issues)
2) 'Real America'nism is in giving money to underaged car-thieves
3) Taj Mahal is absolutely necessary to the movie, even though it has nothing to do with either Slumdogs or Millionaires.
note: Did I mention the rioting Hindus? Its worth noting what David Milliband said in Mumbai recently.

Now for some logic, and it works. The slumdog in the movie has an unusually rich past (of course, associated with the third world) where he learns exactly only those facts that will help him in the contest. Now people really dont think that something like this can happen in real life. Right!
Lets see now--
A movie
a) that is, at the best, "entertaining" and at the worst, a stereotyped documentary,
b) with just about "OK" musical score,
c) where actors just manage to appropriately negotiate their roles (not that the roles are demanding),
d) whose credentials are far less than those of many many other Indian films ( choose your pick(s))
has managed to enthrall western audiences like never before.
That is the real question. Now, when T.P.Sreenivasan cried hoarse regarding this movie, people said we Indians are touchy. Right! How about now? How does a just-above-average, pop-corn-lovers' movie go on to win multiple Oscars? Now, isnt this a real life slumdog-millionaire story? But wait! I thought people dont believe something like this can really happen!

Either truth is stranger than fiction, or, we just dont want to see the obvious fact--
The west is hell-bent on telling us that we are still a third world country with all the associated vices--corrupt politicians, negligent state machinery, gangsters roaming about freely, not to mention its favorite--child abuse, and of course human rights violations. We have no right to be compared with the west, or to even dream to have a place of pride in the world. In short, it wants us to remain "Thomas A. Andersons" for the rest of our lives, our childrens' lives and their childrens' lives. The best part is, when someone "dares to come out with the truth", they "appreciate the effort", and stuff him with awards as an encouragement-- "See lads! Now thats a good movie. Now go on and make more of that kind if you want awards too!"

And I see that Mr.Smith has already entered some of our Indian brethren who have already resigned to becoming just dumb Andersons. Take for instance, Great Mr. Rahman-- He has allowed himself to be used a guinea pig for this exercise. Of course he got his prized Oscar, and for the effort he has put in through all these years, I daresay he deserves many Oscars. But for Slumdog Millionaire? The music is nowhere near his standards, and there is nothing in the music that identifies it with the slum-culture of Mumbai. But Wait! There is some sitar.... since this movie is based in India! And the sitar is so out of place and no unidentifiable, that it only be said that ARR has bent backwards to make his music sound like the "Indian Music" dished out by those oriental-obsessed westerners who think they are playing "Indian Music", because thats the only "Indian Music" understood by the West. This, my friends, is what is called "stereotyping".

Clever Mr.Smith! Very Clever!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Virat Sant sammelan-- Highlights








Monday, February 16, 2009

Virat Sant Sammelan

Virat Sant Sammelan in Mumbai
Religious leaders exhort society to fight terror unitedlySaints to take up national awareness campaign

To counter increasing terrorism and terror activities in the country the seers have decided to organise public meetings across the country between February 20 and March 20. Decision to this effect was taken by saints at a Sant Sammelan organised in Mumbai on January 30. The saints will conduct an awareness drive.

Noted saint Shri Asaram Bapu presided over the Sammelan. VHP president Shri Ashok Singhal, Sadhvi Ritambhara, Swami Hansraj, Rameshwardas Maharaj from Rishikesh, Raghwacharya Maharaj from Rewasa Peeth, Parmanand Maharaj, Krishan Muni Maharaj, Jain Muni Vimal Sagar Maharaj, Ramkamaldas Vedanti from Kashi, Nrityagopaldas of Ramjanmabhoomi Trust, VHP general secretary Dr Pravin Togadia, Ramvilas Maharaj, Devendranath Maharaj, Ravindraji Maharaj, Chaitanya Maharaj, Harigiri Maharaj, Shivshankargiri Maharaj, and senior Sangh Pracharak Shri Madhubhai Kulkarni attended the Sammelan.

Addressing the gathering of more than one lakh people Sant Asaram Bapu said "Together, we have to end terrorism from within and outside the country. For the uplift of the poor, those who are able should provide education, health care, homestead and employment to them. With the help of outsiders and the missionaries, conspiracies are being hatched to defame the Hindu seers and their religious beliefs. Hindus should inculcate more faith in their seers, so that more and more people can be returned to their fold. Children should be well brought up in a cultured environment rather than in a school built by people believing in conversions" he added.

In her usual aggressive way, Sadhvi Ritambhara said "India and Hindus are in a sensitive, vulnerable situation. If Mahatma Gandhi after Independence had installed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel instead of Pandit Nehru as leader of the country we would not have come to this situation. Soon after Independence the nation through outside conspiracies was caught in the mires of self-aggrandisation and consumerism at the cost of spiritualism. Because of increase in terrorism, conversions, incursions, poverty, nepotism and unemployment, the seers are leaving their spiritualism and godly prayers, have to step into the mundane revolutionary activities."

She also chided the media for considering this step an escape from facing terrorism. "Seers are not afraid of terrorism and teach bravery. Whenever there was an invasion on religion or otherwise, the seers have taken arms and defended the motherland. She also said that India would not rest until the dream of united India is achieved." She opined, "missionaries in the garb of service are indulging in conversions. Anybody can stay in our country provided they love this country and respect its traditions."

Akhada Parishad’s Gyandas Maharaj pleaded for a government not sympathetic to terror perpetrators. Akhada Parishad’s general secretary Harigiri Maharaj requested the media to be bipartisan and straightforward. Dharmacharya Gangadhar Saraswati appealed to Muslims to accept common civil code. He said "Whenever they want, only Shariat is implemented, but when it comes to criminality they want application of ‘Indian Criminal Code’ to save themselves from the harsh Shariat laws. Other Muslim countries have enacted their civil and criminal laws, then why only in India do they want differential treatment?" Ramdayal Maharaj warned the government to stop ill-treatment of majority community under the guise of secularism. Parmatmanand Maharaj of Acharya Mahasabha was of the opinion that increase in terrorism is a direct result of lack of political will and determination.

Swami Chinmayanand said today’s government has damaged self-respect. He was of the opinion that if Afzal Guru had been hanged, the November 26, 2008 incident in Mumbai would not have occurred. He challenged the terrorists to come out of stealth and darkness and face our Jawans in hand-to-hand combat. Addressing the youth, he asked them to give their youth to the country so that a spiritual India is resurrected. He said the Preamble of Constitution should have spiritualism rather than secularism. Tanpure Maharaj of Varkari Sampraday said that Shivaji’s Maharashtra cannot allow terrorism. And for this, he said, we should all come together, overcoming the differences of cast and creed divisions.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bad omens

First there was the incident in Mangalore where a minor crime (violation of individual's fundamental rights as guaranteed in our constitution) to a major crime of terrorism and Talibanisation. Now attempts are being made to connect the people involved to Malegaon case. Now thats a leap of faith right there! But more concerning is the amount of media attention such incidents are being given in proportion to the actual terrorist and actual talibanisation incidents.

Next was the extremely interesing episode involving powerful Ms. Barkha Dutt of the rich NDTV, poor Mr.Chyetanya Kunte, a blogger (just like me, and probably you) and a totally invalid reason for libel suit resulting in something (unknown since the emergency of Indira Gandhi) called 'attack on an individual's freedom of speech'. Also read this wonderful piece by Atanu Dey on Defending Free Speech. Please see the video at the end of the article. Now I have been called 'Fanatic', 'Hateful' etc etc by some of the bloggers I know personally, does Barkha mean I can sue them now? Hmm! On a serious note, readers may note that just because its cloaked behind a legal procedure, it should not obstruct us from seeing for what it is-- a major violation of individual's right to free speech and a dangerous threat to the country, and this is much more dangerous than the earlier pub incident.

Third and the most dangerous one is the appointment on Mr. Navin Chawla, a known stooge of the Congress party as the CEC (this is not new... there has been a precedent!), even after the earlier CEC Mr. N.Gopalaswami's recommendation against this appointment. This is not good for the country. Why? Yossarin at Offstumped explains why this appointment is disastrous to Indian Democracy in his small and clear post. Now this move by congress is a direct attack on the country's democratic system itself. Sandeep at sandeepweb has given permission to all right-minded people to use this image (click on the image for full view):

Last, but not the least: A poser to the humanists in this rediff article. Read and ponder on what Dr. Hammond said in his book. Readers can also revisit the video in Atanu's post regarding this incident. Such views made publicly without any fear of criticism set the precedent for what is their 'right' and what is a 'favour'. And mind you, the boundary will keep extending to include a lot many dear things into what is their 'right'. This omen has the most potential of being easily the most dangerous one, mostly because people ignore such incidents.

It is hard to shake Indians. Its both good and bad. And against an adversary who has been engaging in salami tactics over a thousand years, it is even more important that we wake up soon enough. So... the humanist ostriches will anyway not think of taking a break from burying their heads in the dense sand of the grand delusion.. but what about the rest of Indians?