Saturday, June 25, 2005

movie spree

Ok... ppl!!!

I have returned to my senses!

Here are the movies I have bought on my Hyd trip last weekend:

1) Missamma (VCD)
2) Gundamma Katha (VCD)
3) Appu Chesi Pappu koodu (VCD)
4) PeLLi chesi choodu (VCD)

5) Baiju Baawra (DVD)

6) Phantom of the Opera (VCD)
7) Amadeus (VCD).

all around Rs.1200.. not a bad deal... what say??


Ragz said...

1200 is a great price for it...But I was wonderingnif Phantom of the Opera fits in the collection of yours...I thought it kind of dissapointed. Neverthless good collection for less

Sketchy Self said...

unless it is the Lon Chaney version

Aakarsh said...

babai!! how did you forget "Kanyasulkam"? (unless u have it!)

Gandaragolaka said...

yep! I do have it. Also have DVDs of Maayabazaar and "Sri Kanakamahalakshmi recording dancing troupe"