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Why muslims dont like history?

Let us consider this known, verified, and accepted bit of history lesson from wikipedia:

"Afzal Khan, after leaving Bijapur desecrated Hindu temples at Tuljapur and Pandharpur. He planned to get an emotionally overwrought Shivaji Maharaj to retaliate with his limited military resources, and thus lead him and his budding military power to easy destruction by the numerically superior, better armed and a more professional Bijapur army. However, Shivaji Maharaj had other ideas and he sent a letter saying he was not eager to face Afzal Khan and sought some type of understanding. Shivaji Maharaj upon carefully weighing his options, strategically decided to confront and surprise Afzal Khan under the guise of diplomatic negotiations. A meeting was arranged between Afzal Khan and Shivaji Maharaj at the foothills of Fort Pratapgad.[6]
Wagh nakh
Shivaji Maharaj, armed himself with weapons like bichwa (dagger), wagh nakh (tiger claw) and chilkhat (chain-mail armour) prior to the meeting. What transpired during the meeting was not recorded by scribes, but folklore has it that Afzal Khan embraced Shivaji per their custom and attempted to stab Shivaji in the back. Shivaji's agility, strength and his armour help to save him and then Shivaji counter attacked Afzal Khan with a wagh nakh and bich'hwa, spilling his blood and entrails on the ground. Thereupon Afzal Khan's bodyguard Sayyed Banda responding to this incident attacked Shivaji but was intercepted by Jiva Mahala, Shivaji Maharaj's personal bodyguard, cutting off one of Sayyed Banda's hands with a Dandpatta (Pata-a medieval weapon). Afzal Khan stumbled out of the tent to get help and collapsed into a waiting palanquin, but was attacked and slain by Shivaji Maharaj's associate Sambhaji Kavji Kondhalkar, before he could raise an alarm."

So when Indians put up a huge poster showing just that, during Ganesha navarathi, there should be no problem, because they are just showing what happened. Nothing extra. Then how the hell did these happen (notice the actual poster towards the end of the third video)?

Please note that this incident is neither unprecedented nor sporadic. These incidents occur regularly during Indian fesitval season.

Updates (from Satyameva jayate):

Below are links to recent (last few weeks) incidents of desecration of Hindu icons (pl. read this post to understand why I have deliberately and consciouly used the word “icon” in place of “idol”):

Lord Krishna’s broken Murthy in Ahmedabad, 17 Aug 2009

Idol desecration triggers tension, Bangalore, 23 Aug 2009

Lord Shiva desecrated, Mangalore 17 Jul 2009

Gang desecrates Ganesha in Tamil Nadu, 25 Aug 2009

This is my explanation:
Muslims would never want us Indians (Hindus) to feel proud of our icons. If someone tries that, they will use any possible means--political lobbying, emotional-blackmail, or even direct violence. What is the result of that? Get this---we cant celebrate our festival, in our way, in our own country! That is what Islam is doing to India! Is it time to get up and stop putting up with this shit yet?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

More news on "Love Jihad"

Jihadis target Kerala women

Balbir K Punj

The allegation that Muslim men entice Hindu women into marriage for reasons other than love and as part of an Islamist conspiracy is usually dismissed as insidious Sangh Parivar communal propaganda. But a recent chance investigation by Kerala Police has brought out some ugly details.

The August 31 issue of Kerala’s foremost newspaper, Malayala Manorama, carried an extensive report on how a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation is planning, abetting and financing the enticement of college students from different communities in the State to become cannon fodder for its jihad in India. The report terms such young women as ‘love bombs’.

The modus operandi is very clever. Muslim youth in Kerala are employed by the terrorists to entice these young women. Handsome and dashing young men are selected and fully financed to have cars, motorbikes, the most expensive clothes and lots of cash. Their job is to move in groups, select their prey and then get the women to elope with them on the promise of marriage and a great life abroad.

After days of romancing, the women begin to believe that they have found their ‘Prince Charming’. Once they elope, a marriage is registered before a notary and then the woman is whisked away from place to place. The victim thinks that she has to undergo this to evade her parents who would be searching for her.

Hide-outs include places like Hyderabad that have a significant Muslim population. The victim is not allowed contact with any outsider and is subjected to propaganda videos that eulogise jihad and promise the ultimate victory of Islam. Though the racket has been going on for some years and several complaints of missing girls have been lodged with Kerala Police, the latter has ignored them, saying that the women had actually eloped out of their free will and, therefore, they could not do anything.

The racket came to light when one of the victims turned out to be the daughter of a ranking police officer and another somehow managed to send word to her parents about the reality of her situation. The parents in the second case approached the High Court with a habeas corpus petition that led the court to order the police to produce the victim before it. The plea that the woman had eloped on her own and that she was now legally married did not convince the court and it ordered that she be allowed to stay with her parents for a week before it again examined the case. After a week, the woman told the court the truth.

The police have now discovered a kidnapping racket to provide recruits to Pakistani terror outfits through ‘Love Jihad’. Further investigations have revealed that all over India some 4,000 young women have been recruited in this manner to be trained against their will as terrorists and suicide bombers. In Kerala alone the police suspect that over 500 women have fallen victim to the ‘Love Jihad’ racket.

more in the article...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monkeying in Mehdipatnam

I thought this piece of news would be just another one of those "See! I told you they were like this" sort of thing to be shoven right up the bottoms of the humanists, communists and other anti-Bharat (i.e., anti-Hindu) elements.

But as it turns out, the whole news is really out of this world, the sort of Rajni-ish "minnnd-blowwinggg I sayyy!"

Where do we even begin!!

1) First of all, what is the definition of a hard-core Hindu college? The way it is put shows that "hard-core Hindu" is something dangerous and best shunned. Creating villians out of your average Indian, that is! Hence, the conclusion:
dont be a hard-core Hindu! Be soft (hence the pink)-- sacrifice religious principles to accomodate 'others'

But will the others reciprocate? We shall soon see!

I now can hear our poor humanists getting ready for their weekly dose of sheer-khurma.

2) The comment the principal had made was
"the students were spending more time in Mosques than with their books".
Now, for a moment, lets replace the word "Mosque" with "Temple". The statement just means what the elders remark the young ones act too smart-- "The Power up there wont help you when you dont help yourself". Studying is as (or more) important that spending time worshipping a deity. I dont even have to say anything about the Goddess Saraswati blessing those who work hard at studies. The implication here is straight-forward and innocent. But you just read the sentence again with the Mosque in it, and it becomes a "religious-discrimination" issue. Amazing how they get away with it.

And I now hear our poor humanists smelling their weekly dose of sheer-khurma.

3) And if a college that is just supposed to offer education for money follows its rules strictly without any affiliation to religion, how should it matter who is the majority? Obviously the management is Hindu because of the name (Vani College). So why should that mean that they would discriminate against Muslims when they are in minority? And Why should that mean that they would bend their rules when Muslims are in majority?

And I now hear our poor humanists licking their lips at the sight of their weekly dose of sheer-khurma.

4) Now this takes the cake surely-- notice the sequence of events and reaction by our very own Hyderabadi-Muslims:

a) A (possibly burqa-clad) muslim girl elopes with a boy (hopefully Muslim.. I would not wish to have Love-Jihadis among us Hindus), and they protest against
"the failure of the college management to react to the abduction of a girl student".
b) And the management reacts, and bans burqa so that its easy to identify and keep an eye on girls. Now, they throw tantrums and charge that
the principal has been berating them for wearing burqa for over a week saying that it did not comply with the uniform (salwar kameez) worn by other students.
c) And when the principal rightfully asks
"why are you wearing burqa when you are not particular about keeping your modesty"
they cry:
"These comments are too much to bear. The principal’s attitude irked us and hence we decided to take help from our parents."
Wow! These "parents" must be the ones who have been feeding sheer-khurma to my beloved humanists. Instead of appreciating the reasons behind the principal's decision, they join in the stone-pelting!

Imagine if you were the Vani college's management-- the first thing you would wonder is--
"what the hell is the core issue here?"
i)Is it about late-comers throwing tantrums?
ii)Is it about a girl eloping with a guy ?
iii)Is it about managment's reaction to an abduction that allegedly took place in college premises ?
iv)Is it about 300 people gathering at a college and indulging in stone-pelting?
v) Is it about minority-discrimination in our country?

Notice how the issues mentioned above are in an ascending order of complexity and gravity. How did an issue that started off as i and ii end up at v in just a week? What sort of an event would make you (yes, I mean you personally) to gang up with others, go to a college and pelt stones at it?

Now, for a word about our "anal"yst friend of the last paragraph:
"girls are girls, Hindu or Muslim. Their aspirations will be the same. Young girls will want to mingle with young boys, whether they wear burqa or not. Obviously, the principal is unable to appreciate this. She wants to say why are you friends with boys when you wear a burqa? This is the genesis of the trouble."
Sooper no! Now, lets think about it--
To stop girls eloping with boys in college premises, I can do two things--
i) Either completely isolate boys and girls while on college premises, which our "anal"yst thinks is not correct because we need to appreciate the aspirations of young girls (Hindu, or Muslim-- the bastard has the cheek to bring Hindu girls into this conflict, while totally unnecessary!),
ii) Or atleast ban the burqa so that I can keep an eye on the girls from afar, which is also not acceptable to our "anal"yst because they would still want to mingle with boys, so its useless (I dont understand the logic, but hey, he is an "anal"yst!)

What he doesnt say is what the management ought to do in case a girl elopes with a guy! Will he go and help cool down the crisis? Will he stop the issue from fireballing into a major one?
Or will he continue his armchair "anal"ysis from his, well, armchair ? And by the way, does he also "anal"yse my poor humanists' sheer khurma?

No! That is not the sound of inevitability, but of our very own poor humanists burping after their weekly dose of sheer-khurma...

After reading the whole thing, when I scrolled back to the top, I noticed these words in the very beginning of the article:
"Trouble erupted in Muslim dominated Mehdipatnam"
Yup! Thats it! Thats all I had needed to know! What a waste of time...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Know Your Eminences- II: Shahi Imam who?

A pious muslim once said:
"We were rulers here for 800 years. Inshaallah, we shall return to power here once again.''
"I do not want that Kashmir should remain in India."
"I am the biggest agent of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI in India and if Indian Government dares to arrest him, it will see the consequences."

But then, this was not some fanatic on the fringes...

This was 12th Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid.

A very important man.

And a very powerful man.

Powerful enough to bravely attend the funeral of two terrorists when their very own families stayed away:

And from the google cache of Rajya Sabha website, quoting S.S.Ahluwahlia:

SHRI S.S. AHLUWALIA: The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Abdulla Bukhari convened a mass meeting in Ramlila Grounds on 21st April, 2000. It was named as "Majhab Bachao Rally". I felt very much aggrieved to hear his speech. His speech should be condemned in severest terms. I am a nationalist Sikh. His utterances have deeply hurt the feelings of each and every citizen of India. His speech smacks of treason. Shri Abdulla Bukhari has openly stated in his speech that he is the biggest agent of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI in India and if Indian Government dares to arrest him, it will see the consequences.

When the religious head of the sacred Jama Masjid says this thing before a gathering of thousands of people, he is harming the country and also the people who are being represented by him. The Muslim society has a respectable place in this country. There is a long list of those Muslims in this country whose rich contribution to our religious, cultural, literacy and social heritage makes every Indian feel proud of them. Even the Islam would not approve these anti-motherland speeches of the Shahi Imam. The Shahi Imam in his speech made at the Ramlila ground has said that there is the Indian forces’ hand in the killing of 35 innocent people in Chatti Singh Pura. I disagree to it. Such activities fan the communal passions. If we do not check such speeches, we will find that the communal passions are waiting in the wings to disintegrate the country into many pieces.

And now, some unconfirmed reports:
1) From
"In an interview to a Delhi-based daily 'Shahi' Imam of Jama Masjid, Sayed Ahmed Bukhari, has gone to the extent of saying that now he did not want Kashmir to remain a part of India. "Ab hu nahim chahate kashmir Hindustan je saath rahe. Mera zamir isko bardast nahin karta (Now I do not want that kashmir should remain in India. My conscience does not allow it)". He added that he wanted at least one Muslim dominaed state in India."

2) From
On April 8, 1988 Shahi Imam of Jamia Masjid, Delhi, delivered a speech after a Friday prayer congregation in a mosque in Anantnag. He blew up all the laws and practices of the Constitution of India by his bigotry. The congregated Kashmiri Muslims were advised to take up arms in the name of Jehad. He even blessed the birth right of Kashmiris to have an Islamic state while creating a pro-Pakistan atmosphere. While supporting the Muslim youhts, fight for their rights, Imam Sahib equated them with true Muslims meaning thereby that a true Muslim is he who is anti-India, who treats Islam higher than the nation and who snap their ties with the country's culture, history and traditions.

No wonder, when such desha-bhaktas die, our leaders glorious tributes to this great persona:

President Pratibha Patil and Vice-President Hamid Ansari have condoled the death. Mr. Ansari said the Shahi Imam would remain a lasting exemplar of selfless service and had an impressive record of religious service to the people.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit described him as a great Islamic scholar who raised his voice to protect the interests of the poor. Pradesh Congress Committee president J.P. Agarwal said the former Shahi Imam had a deep bond with the capital and he respected all religions.

Know Your Eminences- I: Zakir who?

This is the famous Zakir Naik for you:

Thats not all:

But then, why do those who offer "sheer khurma" to our very own humanist brothers (and of course, humanist brothers pay it back with their "why not try one night with a muslim family? There are like us too" advert) dont speak up against these types?. Here is a simple answer:

But our own NDTV is getting cozy with the guy who publicly says that
1) Saudi Arabia is right in banning the right to worship of other religions,
2) Apostasy is punishable by death, and
3) Every Muslims should be a terrorist:

Saturday, August 08, 2009


This article is a good example of what is generally called 'pre-emption'. We can learn a lot about the commitment and effort to eradicate terrorism, of the tiny island beneath us.



The post-Prabakaran attempts by some never-say-die sections of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora across the world to resurrect the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suffered a blow on August 6,2009, when the Malaysian security agencies handed over to their Sri Lankan counterparts Kumaran Pathmanathan (known as KP), whom they had reportedly picked up from a hotel a few hours earlier.

2. It was suspected by investigation and intelligence agencies for some years that KP was residing in Malaysia and operating clandestinely from there with the help of LTTE sympathisers in the local Tamil community-----of Sri Lankan as well as Indian origin. For nearly 20 years he was a great asset to Prabakaran and the LTTE not because of any special political acumen he had, but because of his ability to work clandestinely without attracting much public attention to himself.

3. He emerged as the alleged main brain behind the LTTE's vast arms procurement, gun running, arms piracy from ships in mid-sea,money-laundering and commercial shipping network. The LTTE would not have been able to develop its capability as a conventional fighting force to the extent it did but for his alleged clandestine work. In connection with this, he travelled frequently and extensively in South-East Asia, East Europe and South Africa. He kept way from West Europe (except Greece and Cyprus) and North America for fear of being caughtby the local intelligence agencies, but from his base in Malaysia he allegedly guided the arms procurement and money-laundering networks in those areas too.

4. The fact that Prabakaran gave him a free hand in handling the cash flows from the shiping fleet, alleged narcotics smuggling and alleged extortions from the members of the Tamil diaspora and in negotiating the prices of the arms and in arranging the shipping schedules indicated the confidence he had in KP.

5. It used to be alleged that the Malaysian authorities avoided acting against him because of the support enjoyed by him in sections of the local Tamil community. His low profile and his ability to keep his mouth shut helped him in ensuring that the local security agencies would not act against him.

6. All this changed in January this year when Prabakaran appointed him as the in-charge of the international relations department of the LTTE. One does not know why Prabakaran chose him for this job. Outside Malaysia, KP had no political contact. He was not a well-known and well-respected figure in the international community of human rights organisations. He could not have travelled to the West without fear of being arrested. He was no Anton Balasingham. Nor was he a Thamilselvan. He was allegedly in some aspects a Sri Lankan Tamil version of Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood is a mafia leader. KP is not. But Dawood and KP allegedly had similar capabilities for gun running and money-laundering.

7. After his nomination to this post, the previously discreet and low-profile KP became increasingly high profile. He started interacting with journalists and non-governmental organisations from his safe sanctuary in South-East Asia. After the death of Prabakaran, he became the self-promoted head of a group of Sri Lankan Tamils in the diaspora, who tried to resurrect the LTTE as an organisation wedded to the same objective of an independent Tamil Eelam as was the organisation headed by Prabakaran, but advocating a non-violent movement to achieve this objective.

8. One does not know what real following he commanded in the diaspora and who were the people prepared to support him.However, one knows that there are elements in the diaspora who continue to hope that the LTTE will rise again like Phoenix and resume the march to the goal of an independent Eelam. Probably, some of them rallied round him.

9. The Sri Lankan Government was interested in getting him even before KP started this move for a neo-LTTE. The Sri Lankan agencies' campaign against the LTTE was not over with its defeat and the decimation of most of its leadership.A lot of work still remains to be done like identifying its supporters in the diaspora and its secret bank accounts abroad and getting them frozen, identifying the various arms smuggling channels exploited by it and determining how the LTTE succeeded in smuggling the clandestinely procured weaponry, including the aircraft,into Tamil territory without being detected by the intelligence agencies of different countries, including India and Sri Lanka.

10. There is a need for a total and painstaking reconstruction of how the LTTE operated abroad and how it was able to acquire the position it did. Such a reconstruction would not be possible without a thorough interrogation of KP. The Sri Lankan authorities, therefore, mounted a diplomatic drive for getting hold of KP. This drive was focused on South-East Asia. Their drive ultimately succeeded and the Malaysian authorities reportedly picked him up and handed him over to Sri Lanka.

11. His thorough interrogation would be necessary not only for finding out about the past, but also for finding out about the future plans of the die-hard elements in the diaspora.

12. The Government of India should be interested in interrogating him in connection with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May,1991, and the attempted gun-running by the LTTE from Pakistan in 1993 in an LTTE ship in which Kittu was travelling. When an Indian Coast Guard ship intercepted it, the crew set fire to the ship,which went down.Kittu and some others chose to go down with the ship. Some others tried to escape and were arrested. The full story of this incident of gun-running by the LTTE from Pakistan is not yet known. KP may also know about any arms procurement cell of the LTTE still present in South India, but dormant. (8-8-09)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd),Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and,presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )

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Remember Sadhvi and Purohit?

Anyone remembers those 'saffron terrorists'?

Well, not a single mention of this recent news (otherwise breaking news) by any of the news channels!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Muslims denigrate ‘Shiva-linga’ in Akola

Well, well!! The Somnath plunder incident occured more than 1000 years ago and to many secularists and humanists, this would be something out of the history books. And history, thanks to the American materialism, has become more like a fantasy. Remember Marsellus in Pulp Ficton: "I'ma get medieval on your ass?" Yes, medieval is some sort of fantasy parallel world thats not supposed to be 'real'.

But then, the Somnath plunder incident
1) was not definitely the first of its kind,
2) was not defnitely the last of its kind,
3) was not an exclusive feature of only that age.

Incidents like these, have happened till the late 18th century, during the british rule at the end of 19th century, in the living memory of many of our grand-parents in the early 20th century and well documented evidence after independence.

Nevertheless, here goes:

Muslims Denigrate 'Shiva-Linga' in Akola, Maharashtra

Growing insolence in Muslims owing to Congress appeasement! O Hindus, be prepare to Save Temples from ant-Hindus to serve Hindu Dharma!

Akola (Maharashtra): Fanatic Muslims burst in Sopinath Temple and denigrated Shiva-linga, idol of ‘Nandi (the vehicle of Lord Shiva)’ and the trident while raising slogans of ‘Allah Ho Akbar’. They also attacked brutally the priest of the temple. (Hindus must note that the attack by insolent Muslims are on the rise; and it is time that the Hindus carry weapons which are permitted by law to restrain the Muslims! – Editor SP)

Hundreds of enraged Hindus took to the road that caused tension in the area. (Hindus must eradicate Congress in the forthcoming elections as it has created Pakistan-like conditions in this country! – Editor SP) Both the factions have lodged complaints against each other. Cases have been filed against 9 persons out of whom 5 have been arrested.

A gang of 10-15 fanatic Muslims went to the temple on Tuesday in the evening and started beating up Seetaram Chavan, the priest. (How can Muslims dare to hit a Hindu priest in India where Hindus are supposed to be in majority ? – Editor SP)

Later, several youths from both the groups took to the road. Police have arrested 3 Muslims based on the complaint lodged by Chavan. (How only 3 Muslims have been arrested when there were 10-15 fanatic Muslims involved in the attack ? – Editor SP) One Muslim young woman was asked to lodge a complaint with the police against the priest implicating him in the case of eve-teasing. Due to this complaint, police took into custody even Chavan and Deepak Phulari. (Police are prompt in taking action against Hindus ! – Editor SP)

Source: Dainik sanatan Prabhat

A minor setback to the Xtian vassal

Andhra High Court stays state funding of Christian pilgrimage

Hyderabad, July 22 (IANS): The Andhra Pradesh High Court Wednesday stayed a state government order providing financial assistance to Christians for pilgrimage to Bethlehem, Jerusalem and other places connected with the life of Jesus Christ.

While staying the order issued last year, a division bench headed by Chief Justice A.R. Dave ruled that the government should not spend public money for any pilgrimage.

The court order came on a public interest litigation challenging the constitutional validity of the order issued by the minorities welfare department July 21 last year.

The petitioner argued that a secular state cannot fund pilgrimage to Jerusalem and other holy places. He contended that the Indian Constitution in Article 266 clearly states how the funds of state could be spent.

Under the order, the state government had announced a financial assistance of Rs.20,000 to each Christian pilgrim undertaking seven-day tour to Jordan and Israel.

The first batch of 51 Christian pilgrims had undertaken the pilgrimage with the government assistance in November last year. The total cost of the pilgrimage was Rs.56,000 for each pilgrim.

The pilgrimage includes visit to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jordan River, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee and other important places connected with the life of Jesus Christ.

The state government had allocated Rs.20 million for the purpose in the 2008-09 budget.