Saturday, June 04, 2005

For my partners in crime

Ok... Last night was really stormy... Aakarsh's and Flute's poems made me do all this... dont blame me!

Poem-I: An Ode To The Poet

Shall I sing of the pen that watered thy thought?
Shall I sing of the paper that sustained thy thought?
Shall I sing of the time that nurtured thy thought?
Shall I sing of the Almighty that gave soul to thy thought ?

I shall sing only of myself, blessed enough to relish thy thought!

Poem-II: Of Beauty Priceless

A thousand verses put together
Cannot rival a single syllable
Spilt from the urn of the heart,
A blossom of fragance incomparable.

No Frost or keats do I know
At this very moment of time,
For all I know, I wasnt there
When they created their rhyme.

Yes, I write poems too!
Not bad ones to be true--
But now, I prefer to be
As a friend of the poet free.

Such are the cruel ways of our times,
Only on a rare day is such beauty wrought;
Still my soul is in great climes,
For even this is cheaply bought!

Poem III : An Ode To The Divine Verse

My heart reels under pleasure
Everytime I glance at Thee;
It aches with elation,
burdened under the glee.

It is good Thou are not mine,
O creation so Godly and fine!
Had Thou were born in me,
Surely, my soul would have succumbed to Thee.



Aakarsh said...

strange paradox..that u say writings of mine and chandu made you write this..and beats ours..

Gandaragolaka said...

Chandu would ask you to speak for yourself! (Just kidding..)
bur really, which one of the 3 beats yours? (kidding again)

but really, I love that intense writing style... thats why I liked that Keats's poem.. thats why I like your poem. Seeing beauty in all its delicate and gory glory is the essence of life. If only I can write like this...

Sketchy Self said...

"cheaply bought" indeed...that a few lines of mine could help elicit such expression! wordsmiths are we all...

Ragz said...

By Keads !!! I think keads is giving Keats competition