Friday, November 18, 2005

Osmania Biscuit XI-- Straange!!!


Before I reveal how Lingam Yadav and Obul Reddy finally come face to face, let me actually tell you some history of Lingam, which is of course completely irrelevant to the context. Nevertheless, I have decided to reveal this matter of complete secrecy, though I cant give any explanation of why would someone want to hide it or why would someone want to tell such a claptrap (synonyms: moonshine, gobbledygook, balderdash, hogwash, baloney).

Anyways, though most of the Yadavs of Saleemnagar Colony, Malakpet (Hyd-36) trace their origin from UP directly, the family of Lingam has had quite interesting tale in terms of the devious route it took...

When Krishna convinced peoople of Mathura that Mathura is no longer a safe refuge against the recurring invasions of the Mighty Emperor of Magadh- Jarasandha, many people joined him in that epic journey and they reached the Prabhasa Kshetra in Gujarat and established the city of Dwaraka. Now, as time flew, people began to settle more and more inwards and southwards. The Yadavs in question migrated after many centuries to the south of the Vindhya mountains, and settled in the country there along with many others.

Those were tumultous times...

Clearly the people of Dwaraka were excellent in cattle management-- the quality of milk, the species of buffalo and cow, and the kind of grass the fed to the cattle were all mysteriously wonderful. Through marine trade, the people of Dwaraka actually succeeded in bringing the best grass of south american grasslands (which, actually, scientists later found out to be "alfa-alfa" from the Pampas). So, very soon, they began to grow very rich and be held in high esteem.

Now the Rashtrakuta King (Rashtrakutas were a dynasty that ruled over Maharashtra in ancient times) was very wise, though meek, and his general was constantly plotting to pull off a coup and become the King. But the Yadavs (who had now risen to become the royal advisors ) saw through this plot and were ever eager to alert the King of the general's evil intentions. So you see, the Yadavs incurred the wrath of the general.

One night, after a celebration of cow festival, when everyone thought peace reigned supreme in the land, the general finally executed his long-planned plan, and of course, his planning was very well planned as well.
After taking control of the army, he slew the King's personal guard, went into the royal chamber and murdered the King. Hence, to the history, he is well-known (notoriously) as Dhondoba Et-tu-bruté.

The Yadavs were not spared as well... many of their folk were put to death. Lingam's ancestor (known only as "Bongu") had only a single child, and the couple were chased throughout the village and they fled into the graveyard, where the killers didnt dare come because of the undertaker Sepulkar, who was believed to be a master of black magic. Presently, Sepulkar was busy dealing with own enemy, the short-tempered and "hot"headed Thermal Jain, who had insulted him 17 years ago. Though Thermal Jain was a good natured Marwadi, he was short-tempered and that caused his downfall.

So, Sepulkar didnt budge from his crusade and so the couple had to run elsewhere for help. Luckily, they found the good natured prostitute hukkar and her pimp-cum-boyfriend fakkar. They knew the importance of tte Yadav dynasty and the help it would render to the coming Indian generations. Also, they wanted to do the right thing once in their life of sin. So, exchanged clothes with the Yadav couple and ran in the direction of the killers, succesfully diverting their attention (some attribute the origin of STDs in Maharashtra to this moment in History).

Thus escaping, the Yadav couple made their way down south, in a city where people from different regions and languages co-existed. They came to a house which was shared by three bachelors-- Smelly-onian from the Tamil land, feno-menon from "geraLa" and piss-in-the-paati from Andhra. Thus the Yadav dynasty was secured and they began to live a decent life in that area (A lot of stories are woven around these three bachelors-- about their earlier witty exploits, and later about their comicly succesfull efforts to save "the Bongu's Heir" but this is not the time). Lingam's great grandfather (titled Bongu-IV) moved to Naizaam during World War II, and settled in a village near the then Hyderabad called "theegalaguda". Later, the very same area is known as Saleem Nagar.

Note : This history is recorded in the journals of the japanese monk EkO naaraayaanaa when he visited India.


yadbhavishya said...

and there is a small snippet about it, Lingam told me...

...when they had almost reached the outskirts of hyderabad, they had lost their way and were searching... when they met a person and asked him the address, (his name was Laxman)he told them "seeedha chale jao"... thats it that set them off on the right path!!...

Sketchy Self said...

That Laxman, by the way, had moved to Zaheerabad to open a small shop beside the (then only) movie theater. His great-grandson was named after him, and he runs the same shop and feeds night meals to some of the bachelor employees of Mahindra and Mahindra.

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Gandaragolaka said...

Isnt it amazing how Indians are so good at History??