Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Osmania biscuit-I

Ok! listen up...

Every once in a while, when all the astro-geo-psycho-physical conditions are met (and you will be suprised to know how often these conditions are satisfied, the proof being the mount of information dished out by raving lunatics like, well, yours truly!), I will come up with something on Hyderabad and/or not Hyderabad (if a contradiction and a tautology appear in a single sentence, is the result not a contradiction again?).

In view of its 400 year old history, architectural achievements of the qutub shahi dynasty and the fact that kohinoor was "born" here, I have decided to aptly name the series on Hyderabad "Osmania biscuit."

Once there was a grocer in a Hyd lane named Lingam Yadav manning hyper-protectively, his ancestral fortress of his shop and still selling those antique eatables such as gottams and of course osmania biscuits. But he was especially famous for his talks during late afternoons when all the jobless folk gathered around his place for a chat. He told them totally unbelievable stories of how he saw a nizam king swim the musi on the back of an elephant, or how he was attacked by giant birds of prey while walking near Mir-Alam Tank. Nobody used to believe him, and they were of course blatant lies, until he showed them the absolute proof.. and it really was an absolute proof beyond doubt...
"Everybody knows that when Lingam Yadav is eating Osamia biscuit, he never lies," he used to say. For new aquaintances of Lingam Yadav, it may seem strange, but it really is true! He never lies while eating Osmania biscuits!

So folks, before you sleep tonight, remember the only sentence in this whole post that matters:
When Lingam Yadav is eating Osamia biscuit, he never lies!


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