Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some pics from the trip

Here are some pics that I like from the trip... Let me know if you also want the usual ones... I should mention that I was the official picture-taker (I refrain from using the term "Photographer") on the trip.

Some Pride still being salvaged in the land of sycophants of the occident. Srirangam.

At Karthik's home inside the Praakaaram of Srirangam temple town. (If you ignore the red eye, you can find me as well). The two elderly people are his Aunt and Uncle. The rest are my collegues. Karthik is to the far right.

Believe it or not-- The two rupees tea... still available in India, with all its frills. Kumbhakonam bus stop.

His Mineral Water.
Vaideeshwarar Kovil.


Gandaragolaka said...

this blog temple is one of the worst to format regarding the pictures... so, we have to bear with it.

yadbhavishya said...

I love travelogues, of any kind.

It feels as though the people in the pictures are still in the same pose, endlessly doing what they are doing, so that the world could watch.

gpdjqqsj (desperate!)