Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Singularity--Part III

On that afternoon, her father looked on as Lisa clutched the bedding with her hands and spread her legs apart. It had been a year of unnatural number of tornadoes, as one twister after another lashed the town. There was no reprieve. And each time a tornado approached, Lisa would explode into her fits of violent base emotion. Her father never got used to it -- whenever it began, he began to tremble violently, and knelt down before the cross in his room, praying ardently for his daughter's return to the living world, as Lisa's comatose body splashed itself in its own sweat reveling in shameless ecstasy in front of her own father-- again and again, she arched upwards and shaking the bed violently, she would let her bottom down with a thud, again and again she would utter moans of indescribable pleasure, again and again she whispered words of unabashed lust being satiated. He wanted to consult the priest, but was mortally afraid of the treatment they would give to Lisa. It would be easy for them to believe that she was possessed. She wasnt. She was in a coma. Nevertheless, the advent of a tornado always struck a morbid fear in the hearts of the people in that house, for that triggered those abhorrent reactions from such a lovely creature that Lisa had been.

Lucy was brought up in a small town in the mid-west. Some believed she was a witch, some others believed she possessed supernatural powers, but most agreed that there was something very weird about the girl. Lucy was not an ordinary girl. She was blessed with a gift. A gift of the feeling. She could feel a lot of things... the sighs of a bough laden with the burden of blossom in spring, the laughter of a brook as she pranced around the trees down the hill in summer, and the dark unfathomable intellections of cold gales in winter as they passed far above. And she talked to them. Understood them. And inquired as to their well-being. But her love was given to one force she admired the most. She was a child when first she first heard of Him. She was fascinated by the description. And her fascination only grew by her age until she was completely in love with the Tornado. She yearned to see Him, talk to Him, understand Him, love Him. Ever she asked those gentle breezes whether they were chased by One. The answer was no each time.

One dark afternoon, she experienced an inexplicable elation, and her heart beat sounded like a train on a bridge. She couldnt control neither the smile on her lips nor the blush on her cheeks. She left her room and went out in the dark weather to meet the gentle breezes. They giggled as they saw how she blushed. And she blushed more. She got angry at the impish winds threw a stone at them. They laughed aloud, and passed around her and through her. And the weather changed suddenly. There was a rumble in the clouds. Thunder drummed the skies and lightning flashed her displays. They all spoke of His coming. The van of his entourage was approaching. The wind-heralds were blowing horns and declaring His hallowed name aloud to all who can hear. This was His dominion. His empire. And He was here to reclaim it. Winds which she had never seen or felt before. Birds flew away, and beasts ran hither and thither. The Emperor was on the march. She tried to talk to them, but they were proud and loyal servants of their Lord. They marched on, rank after rank, as battalions of the Overlord of Gaia.

And He appeared on the horizon moving majestically along. And she saw him. Her love. But, when she saw him, she realised he was not just her love. He was more. He was the One. He was the desitnation. In his vortex, she saw millions of stars and galaxies and universes taking birth only to go back into the same vortex. He was that singularity that she, and all the humanity had been seeking unknowingly. Tears flowed down. She raised her hands to meet Her destiny, and walked to towards Him as if she were in a swoon.

She almost reached his outstretched arms when she was pulled back. The men of the village saw her 'madness', and ran after her. She yelled and wriggled and writhed and wailed. But of no avail. They held her fast and locked her up in the basement. She was not allowed to meet Him. He could not bear it as well. He destroyed the entire town, uprooting old towers and punching through renowned forts-- little resistances of a vermin folk who dared to defy His authority. The trail of destruction that He left that day in the town was unprecedented and unparalleled. For many days, her unconsolable grief haunted her body, mind and soul. She was sent to her uncle's town for a change of weather. And they were adivsed to keep her locked. For her own safety. Heh! All these people with insumountable piety and of immeasureable wisdown beyond ages of time could not understand the simple truths of the universe and of life. But then, these truths were at a higher plane far above the ordinary human psyche. She smiled forgivingly at those people devoid of the means of even trying to comprehend the nature of the universe.

Yet, she knew the moment she saw Him that she would meet him in the End. Inevitability is a phenomenon not many can handle, even when it is working their favour. Yet, Lucy was no ordinary girl. She began to understand the beauty of the grief and the sweetness of the separation. And she learnt to be strong. She wanted to be in her best physical form-- a quintessence of beauty and perfection when she would meet Him.

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Pingu said...

I read it many times , kedar, and each time it appears more beautiful and seems to make more sense..