Friday, May 26, 2006

Singularity--Part IV

Amy and Chris were playing under starlit skies. Amy called her little brother Chris "Look, there is mom". And Lisa's children saw their mother on the top of a hillock. Lisa stood like a statue with outstretched hands in the wind, still and blissful. Her hair was flying in the breeze. She was talking to the nature. It has been almost fifteen years but since still remembered how Lucy, one night, let her peek into the infinite bliss of the singularity that she herself was attached to so dearly.

Suddenly all went dark... as if the darkest of the nights spread her wings of jet black about her. Fear gripped her... she didnt know what was happening.
She groped madly... only to find nothing... nothing at all.
She yelled for help... only to find that her voice died before it reached her lips.
She got up, and ran till her legs were shaking with debilitating exhaustion... only to find that she didnt move an inch.

She was alone. All alone. She fell on her knees crying. Just then, she heard a soothing voice calling her name. It was a voice she had heard before. It was Lucy's. She called again. It was slender as an ivy, yet in it was a power far beyond comprehension. A power unlike what Lisa had seen earlier. It could move mountains and crush entire populations, but it was not destructive. It reminded Lisa of something far back in time... something everyone in this world knows, and yet is dying to know. Something that was before the genesis of the time... Lisa stopped struggling.

"I am here Lisa. Dont worry. I have to show you something." And Lisa turned to the direction of the voice. In the darkness that stretched far into the distant and forgotten space and time, for the first time, she could see something... something that shone through the diaphanous veil of her own tears... She wiped them off. She didnt need them anymore. A tiny flame in the deep night. And it was approaching her. As it came nearer, it grew bigger. She was afraid no more. And she saw visions within the flame. Visions of entire galaxies being devoured by other galaxies of universe, and new shapely ones with millions of stars and billions of planets being created by shapeless, formless nebulae, and then as the flame came close to her body, it had grown to a huge column. And she saw that all these galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets started swirling round and round. Engulfing them was huge vortex beginning from a single point.
A Single Point.
From where everything has come, and into where everything shall go.
And she was within the flame.

Outside, it had long been since Marigold bud sprouted, opened up into a flower and died away. The chrysalis beside also has long been empty, dangling from the tree. Yet, nature is never in haste. Some metamorphoses take more time than others. Lucy knew it would be a hard time for Lisa. Yet, she did it because Lisa was the only one who was capable of understanding the loftiness of Lucy's goal. And so Lisa went into a pupa for her rebirth. Each time a tornado came, she grew from within. Subtle changes are easy to be overlooked for ordinary humans. They could do nothing. And how could they? They understood nothing. They were but ordinary mortals. And one day, Lisa came out of her own chrysalis. She opened her eyes and there was radiance of a higher world in them. Enlightenment.

Lisa came down the hillock, and she took her children home.

Singularity is Inevitable.

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