Monday, May 22, 2006

Singularity--Part I

Inevitability of the impending moment is known best to the present one. Little inevitabilities have always guided, hindered, protected and hurt the universe in its journey since its beginning. The sum of all these little everpresent inescapable inevitabilities is the phenomenon that was before the universe and that which drags the universe towards it endlessly. Singularity. Oneness. It is that single point of energy from where all the matter and time have sprung. And it is the gigantic vortex where all the matter and time are dissolved into. Singularity. There is no escape.

There is no need for any haste. Beauty springs forth in its own time. A marigold bud waits to unfurl its actual self. Also waiting is a chrysalis nearby, for its end. At the other side of the end is a beautiful butterfly waiting to emerge. Yet, there is no need for any haste at all. It was a dark afternoon. Dark thunderclouds veiled the sky. Everything was calm, still, and serene. The bud sways to the occasional gentle whiff of a breeze along with the chrysalis. And then, everything again is calm, still, and serene.

Lucy could feel the oncoming change in the weather. She had been chained in the basement for more than a year, where not a single ray of light was allowed to enter, nor any wind allowed to dance. And yet, she raised her head and swayed to the breeze outside and let out a moan in anticipation of the One she loves. Slowly, her eyes opened and she tried to look inside the pitch dark of the room. Everything is so dark. Everything is so so dark. Yet, a smile blossomed. Inevitability was working in her favour. She knew it. The head dropped forward again.

Tim saw his fifteen year daughter Lisa twitch. He raised his finger and opened his mouth to say something, but the words died down. He didnt want to believe it. It could have been his illusion, and he wanted it to be an illusion. He didnt want it to begin all over again. He could feel of the whiff of a breeze coming in from the large windows. The view outside the window that afternoon was bleak. He placed his palm over the forehead of his comatose daughter and moved it over her head. She had such lovely long golden hair. He smiled his thought away nervously, and proceeded to leave the room. The windows were open and the slow gentle wind kept ruffling her eyelashes. Her head started moving to and fro and the lips curved upwards into smile of pleasure. She let out a moan of pleasure. He started and turned back. The ordeal had begun.

Young Roby hated his job. With a heavy heart, he waded on, from his home to the unused barn with a plate of food. He reached the barn and opened the door to the basement. A sharp guttural shriek from below pierced his tender heart and he almost dropped the food. It has been more than six months, but he never got used to that shriek. He slowly went down the steps and saw Lucy with her hands over her folded legs and head in between the legs. He kept the food down, and with a trembling hand, pushed it a little towards her, and ran away up the stair as fast as he could. He waited for a while for her to finish her meal, but nothing seemed to happen. He bent down. She didnt move. He realised his mistake. He slowly lowered the basement door, not closing it completely. There was the sound of the plate being dragged, then a chuckle, chewing sounds, and then some words inaudible, a laughter, again the chewing sounds, and then a long gulp. Roby slowly opened the door. She was again seated in the same position as he saw before, but the plate and the bottle were empty.
When he came out of the barn, he looked relieved yet not knowing how long would this go on.

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