Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chiru and the 'S' in 'YSR'

It is a known fact that the 'S' in YSR stands for 'Samuel'.
It is also known that he was the one behind allowing Seventh Day adventists to build churches on Tirumala hills (No! Not the Tirumala Hills of Malakpet, Hyderabad-- the real actual ones in Tirupati).
It is also known that Chiru is seen either siding with communists, or is seen hosting Iftar parties and puts Mother Teresa as one of his mascots.

Now what is really interesting is a site that is apparently run by Chiru fans (Chiru will, of course, claim innocence and deny awareness of it and you will see why). So this site, from its content makes it clear that it is devoted to Chiru's Prajarajyam party, and promptly does an 'expose' of YSR's Christian bias. Whats interesting is that Chiru's followers found proselytisation and Christianity as negatives and found it worthwhile to denigrate our CM YSR because he supports Proselytism and Christians, while on the other hand, Chiru himself has openly given in to that attractive politics of minority appeasement and vote-bank politics.

Does this go on to show how incoherent and confused Chiru's political campaign is?
Or does it simply show that Chiru's fans have simply not come around to understand what kind of leftist and vote-bank politics Prajarajyam intends to represent?
Perhaps the people want to give Chiru "a chance" (as they say in Indian political parlance), a shot at power and see what he can do, tired as they are of other people.
Thinking out of the box, it could well be that Chiru has come to realise that to counter congress and obtain power, no other party has so much capability as the BJP (seen as the front-runner in the next Lok Sabha polls), which made Chiru meet Advani the latter visited AP.

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