Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chiru chiru chiru chiru..... Chiru!

So I had the unpleasant experience of watching the Megastar's meeting on the idiot Box where he unveiled the name, flag and the USP of his political party. Poor thing.. whenever he wanted to look at the audience and speak, appropriate words couldnt plant themselves at the edge of his tongue, and he again had to bow his head and read out his speech-- A speech which had nothing but doling out more bonanzas for targetted vote-banks, revering their idols, while side-stepping most relevant issues like Telangana, Naxalism, and Terrorism. The crowd on their part cared too hoots about what he was saying. They were just too happy to have a slimpse of their icon-- and the Megastar knew it. Whatever he says, he knows that this bunch will vote for him, even if he has no credentials in politics. And so, there was neither applause in unison when he made a "applaudable statement" nor rapt attention when we was about to make one. There was just plain raucus and jostling among the crowd.

But his insistence of keeping Mommie Dearest (Mother Teresa aka MT) as his mascot is troubling. One of my collegues (yea, his fan) defends that the Megastar has been a fan of MT since long before he thought of entering politics. This is even more troubling. This can only mean two things--
1) Either he is too dumb to understand that she is a fake saint
2) Or he is totally conversant with her real nature and yet chooses to be devoted to her.

Either possibility dicsounts him to occupy the chair of a chief Minister of a province in a democratic nation. But then, the present fellow is not much different either. I will not be surprised if the next govt. in AP is a coalition with the most bitter enemies joining hands. One thing is for sure. Politics in AP has suddenly become far too interesting.

Whatever the outcome be, the path Chiru has chosen will only serve to project him seen as just another populist, caste-based, leftist politician without either motivation or even clue about what is governance and development. There is nothing new in here.

Another interesting tidbit--
I hope people have seen and heard the theme song of "Praja Rajyam": www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Y43Bt6U2Q
The chhandas of the song is called "Arya Geeti". There is one more, quite popular, traditional Indian poem in that meter-- The Shiva Tandava stotram.
So what?
well... Now listen to this one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=id-wKTALL8g


Attila said...

i don't know chiru.. but googled up praja rajyam..

so we the people of India having another regional party??

when will we ever learn? is establishing new parties a solution to our problems??

and its very depressing to see MT in a video along with our great people of yore..

Gandaragolaka said...

"so we the people of India having another regional party??"

oh yes! and all are invited.. food and drinks available... esp. if you are observing ramzan: