Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is the problem with "The Hindu"?

This newspaper, traditionally the frontline newspaper of most South Indian elite, has of late become a questionable bigot at best, and a Chinese-Communist-AntiHindu rag at the worst. Many people have openly come out against its reporting ethics (or the lack of them), its selling of Chinese propaganda to Indians (especially before and during the olympics), and blatant anti-India, esp. anti-Hindu bias (by now, we Dhaarmic people have become accustomed to bias against us anyway) of the paper.

B.Raman, international terrorism and intelligence expert, felt compelled to react against the abject surrender of the The Hindu to the Chinese official media agency "Xinhua", so much that he calls paper "People's Daily of Chennai". He has also written about Shri N.Ram, who heads The Hindu now.

"The Chindu" (a take on the Chinese angle of The Hindu), a blog run by a group of vigilant Indians is doing a superb service in this regard by exposing the bigotry of this once-great newspaper. Till recently, it had become a habit for me (before I stopped buying The Hindu) to first read the editorials and guess where the factual inaccuracies are and how "The Chindu" would blast them. What fun!

The latest claim of The Hindu is that Hinduism was also involved in forcible conversions at one time, just as other religions do.
Here is the article:
And here is a firm rebuttal of the article.

Please do follow the blog and understand what sort of Goebellian propaganda we are being fed with, everyday. Of course, one can always say that the blog is a rightist one and they have their own perspective of looking at things, but then, they are atleast open for a discussion on their blog, unlike The Hindu (or is it Chindu?).


Karmasura said...

Assuming the same author who wrote the article is brought up in a middle-class Hindu family, surrounded by Hindu ethos, what makes such a person hang up his boots against Hinduism with such little evidence? Is money and power such an attraction for such people?

Indian people need to be watchful of such wolves in a sheep's clothing alongwith some foreigner.

Hat's off to the Chindu and Dandakaaranya.. Hope people come up with a printed edition of the blog posts of Chindu in the near future so as to spread their message amongst the masses about the bigotry prevalent in the upper echelons of our own society. How far can the reach of blogs be?

Ah and the word 'Goebellian' enters your word list.. nice to know! ;)

Gandaragolaka said...

Thats an interesting question--"what makes someone hang up his/her boots against Hinduism?"

I think its a combination of many things, but the main culprit is the present communist-cum-The-Raj-era school/college education like:

--propaganda of dead theories like the aryan invasion theory,

--denial of muslim/christian atrocities (its a fact that more you try to cover up the truth, the more difficult it becomes to reconciliate and make peace).

--deliberately not giving enough importance to great personalities like Chanakya, sayana, Maharana sanga, Prthviraj chauhan, Adi sankara, etc., who can be role models for national integration.

--constant hammering about the present caste system resulting in a belief that such system existed since the beginning of our civilisation, and unrelenting vilification of Manu who is grossly misunderstood.