Friday, July 22, 2005


A small and simple prayer to the Goddess!


Pingu said...

nice prayer,especially the word nadipravahini..

yadbhavishya said...

Nice and simple... very good to teach to children...

and... is the Virinchi-Vipanchi combination just a coincidence or ???

Gandaragolaka said...

nothing can escape you-- can it?? No. its not a coincidence!

Those who like history generally like the term "nadi pravahini".
Am I right Vaidehi?

Pingu said...

the word has a beautiful feel to it..brings to mind the river flowing down,gathering stories along with it..yeah,it does have to do with history..why didn't I think of that!!

Random Walker said...

nice work. if you ever consider making a tune-sort-of, the line-endings have interesting swaraakshara patterns (which could suggest a leitmotif revolving around ni);)

(1)roopi(ni) - (swa)roopi(ni)-(ni) roopi(ni) __(ni-sa-ni-ni)

(2)kaami(ni) - (gaa)mi (ni) - yaami(ni)__(ni-ga-ni-ni)

(3)vaahi(ni)-pravaahi(ni)-(dhaa)ya(ni)__ (ni-ni-dha-ni)

Gandaragolaka said...

I did think of it-- My initial idea was to compose a full fledged kriti for sarasvathi, but as I kept thinking about it, it became clear that it wasnt to my complete satisfaction, so I went this way.

Actually, one raga that came up as a strong candidate for the tune is "Gorakh Kalyan" because of its extremely peaceful and dreamy character.

But first, I want to know if its too small.. does it need more words??