Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Though a bhakta of Siva, Ravana committed heinous crimes (in the language of UNHRC junta) such as plundering, rape, murder, etc.,
So what is that single thing that redeemed Ravana.. He who desired another's wife (the another being none other than the Lord Himself)? the word "Rama" escaped his lips while he was crashing to the ground as a result of the arrow of Rama. That singular moment of divine thought was the source of his redemption.

And what is that single thing that makes the gultest of the gults (read 'muggles', not just telugu people) Ramesh ( a .com by the way... if you get me... and the object of Prasad's innermost thoughts!) greater than any other gult according to me??

The singular act of his that catapulted his image in my eyes was the fact that he liked the movie "Hero", starring Jet Li. He even gave me a discourse on the movie and urged me to watch it. I mean, for me, there is no other tool known to me to separate gults from other people. Not a single gult that I know has liked it, and I have been laughed at (to my great satisfaction to know I am not one of them) for liking that movie. But here is this fellow from Kurnool, not only does he see the movie, he even recommends me to see it! (I mean, generally, people dont just come up to me and recommend movies like that...) Thats the one thing I like abt him (other than the fact that he was the one who gave me the Monica Bellucci clip!).

Clearly, one of the greatest movies I have even seen. The whole movie is a discussion between an ambitious King who desires to expand his kingdom and a hero who has returned after killing the King's three most feared assassins to collect his reward.

I cannot do the injustice of spoiling the suspense and twists, but this I do say that apart from the story and the highest morals involved in the movie, the best part is the use of colours... if you enjoyed watching that song from Sakhi wherein each stanza has an associated colour, you will love this one even more! The whole movie is divided into different perspectives--each of its own colour.. and finally the truth in all white. The fights are beautifully choreographed and locale-effects feature such artistry that would bring an artist to tears!


Aakarsh said...

avannee sare boss!! whats this monica bellucci thing!!!


Gandaragolaka said...

nothing shameless about it! We are all men... He men! yeah!

But lets take this discussion offline... I have come to know there are under-aged people watching our blogs...

Random Walker said...

i beg to differ from your stereotypical gult --
i watched hero the moment it came on dvd... (i missed it when it was in theaters)-- and not only did i watch it i told every friggin fellow who asked me anything remotely close to movies to watch it. and!!! when tennety came to nashville a week or so ago... i put up an lcd projector (godameedha bomma) and we watched hero... i think he liked it too!! he has to;)

Random Walker said...

other chinku movies i'd recommend:
#Zatoichi - Blindswordsman (if only u can bear extreme violence for a fascinating idea in the movie-- its only for that idea that u shud wat it)
#warriors of heaven and earth (yeah the one for which ARR scored bgm - a pretty interesting story abt a mythological legend that connects india, china, and mongolia)
#Yi ge dou bu neng shao -
... aka Not One Less
#The Road Home
#House of flying daggers is watcheable but somehow falls flat
#One phenomenal movie by kurosawa called Rashomon (although its Jap)

Gandaragolaka said...

to be a ring-bearer is to be alone...

to be a gult is to be stereotyped...

my idea of 'gultism' isnt limited to telugu ppl (though the credit of the term's origin goes to them!)... it is the common thread that binds one muggle with another.

I saw some of the movies by Kurosawa (the seven samurai, yojimbo, the hidden fortress, etc)... but I heard there is another one called "Ran" (1985?). Desperately looking for it!

Ragz said...

Hero has a charm, and I did the same thing what Random walker did..I watched it in theatre actually. While reading a review in Yahoo by some american I came across this highly stupid and laughable review wherein the reviewer (who is a yahoo user) says that the filmmakers of Hero were stupid and they were trying to save money, his argument was that the movie could have had more characters instead of only 3 characters doing all the roles!!!!!!!! Thats an iota of what an american sees a movie with. Gults are a whole lot better than a lot of jaths in this world.

Yours Guiltlessly

yadbhavishya said...
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yadbhavishya said...

I know a guy... lets call him by name Mohan Babu for now...
I, as a rule, consult Mohan Babu whenever a new movie is released(which he would have already watched because he has no vichakshaNa). Whichever movies he asks me not to watch, I note them down and make sure that I watch them. Understand ???

Hero was one such movie. It teases the imagery of your mind, it churns the rule engine inside us, it rewrites the usual 'cinematic' thought process and just wins you over. It should.

I pick for myself the combat scene with 'Sky' in the gambling house with the old beggar playing the strings in the background.

Haha... ragz, 'Guiltlessly' was great. If Iam not KuLLing, shall I add,
"the difference between being Gulty and Guilty is (I)dentity"

Ragz said...

Your name "Mohan babu reminds me of a female friend of mine who says to her female friends "manishava malashri va" :))


yadbhavishya said...

sorry kedar, i know this is not the place but just one more.. ok ?

"At least if you are not guilty, be a gulty" :P


Gandaragolaka said...

Ok! Some explanation in order!

I used the word "gult" not a term applied to all telugu ppl... only those hard-core telugu junta we know of...

I am truly surprised at this outcry!