Sunday, May 29, 2005

Search For A Lost Dream

Search For A Lost Dream

O forgotten Orchard of my Lost Dream!
I invoke thee—
Come to life! Come to life!
I invoke thee!

I reminisce—
The swaying branch, The Mellow Shade,
The Yellow Blossom, and The Red Fruit.
Yes! I do remember The Trickling Rivulet!
And The Vine beside, Laden, also!
Birds—Yellow and Green, Black and Blue,
Chirping away Gossips of all hue;
Squirrels chasing Unseen Foes,
Caching Berries, ever on toes
Gourmet Butterflies, colouring the scene,
Drunk Crickets, lazy and lean;
An Unknown Tune, always chiming,
With my ecstasy, always rhyming,

O Gaia, Fairest! Thy child yearns for Thee!
Once more to Thy Bosom, wilt Thou not lift me?
Never again, shall I forget thee,
I shall spend my life hallowing the reverie!

Apology—Accept my apology!
Heed to my plea—
Pardon me! Pardon me!
Allow me in! Allow me in!
Grace me again! Grace me again!
I invoke thee!



Aakarsh said...

nice work man..the strange thing is that the rhyme began from the middle..and ya, it has that classical-literature more, if you have already penned few more in this style..

Gandaragolaka said...

I wanted to write something that is not pigeon-holed into the narrow crevices of "rhyming desperation".

Never wrote this kind of thing...

And then, you might have noticed my inclination towards histrionics and dramatics... yup! love that!

There are weirder ones coming up...

Ragz said...

At First I thought it was keats
Then I realised that it was one of you poetic feats
The trees had fruit and your lines have meat
Lines of yours are sure an aesthetic treat

Gandaragolaka said...


I have only begun... I would sure love to see your old ones, the ones you wrote when you were in inter, on the blog.. I remember one called "twenty one" vaguely. (not sure if thats the name!)