Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Amazing Keats

So Junta.. this is it! I mean it.. this really IS it! I dare you to feel this way if you aver that you ever loved someone in your life! I double dare you...!!

To Fanny

I cry your mercy--pity--love--aye, love!
Merciful love that tantalizes not,
One-thoughted, never-wandering, guileless love,
Unmasked, and being seen--without a blot!

O! let me have thee whole,--all--all--be mine!
That shape, that fairness, that sweet minor zest
Of love, your kiss--those hands, those eyes divine,
That warm, white, lucent, million-pleasured breast,--
Yourself--your soul--in pity give me all,
Withhold no atom's atom or I die,
Or living on perhaps, your wretched thrall,
Forget, in the mist of idle misery,
Life's purposes,--the palate of my mind
Losing its gust, and my ambition blind!
--John Keats

Keats's passionate feverish love for the flirtatious Fanny Brown (apt name considering her character!) in his failing years erupted in the guise of this poem. He was only in his early twenties when he wrote this poem and twenty-six when he died.


Aakarsh said...

truly classic'al..
and what!!! keats died at 26!!!! u mean..by 26, keats achieved so much!!! dude..i just turned 25 yesterday.. aargh!! inferiority complexaayanamah!!

Gandaragolaka said...

Anna.. if your birthday is on May 24th, you have truly achieved something unattainable.. even without your knowledge. I tell you the Gods are with you.

If you dont understand what I am talking about, ask Vidya.. he knows everything about May 24th-- what it is about, and why he drank for the first time in his life on a may 24th.

Oops.. almost forgot.. belated happy birthday.

Aakarsh said...

ha ha..my blog mis-informed you..my b'day is on may 23rd..it just happened that i got to post the writing on early hours of 24th..still, i am interested to know why/what is it i missed the unattainable..by 1 day..

Ragz said...

Hey Kedar, This is Raghu Chilakamarri, I thought the Chemistry of Love was more Physical in the poem. Anyway it was a wonderful one. Do you keep a collection of his?

Gandaragolaka said...

I got hold of a book on the famous poems of almost all poets in English lit. right from 15th century. Truly amazing find... not my book though...I just borrow it once in a while.