Monday, May 30, 2005

The Lone Tower

The Lone Tower

Lone tower, bright and tall
Over the planes of the world
Ever alone, yet never lonely,
At peace with the world.

Doves dwelling in his chambers—
Doves not few, many—
Many more perch and fly away
Without fear or despair.

Yet, a time there was, quite different,
When the tower was dwarfed
Amidst titans, engaged in higher purposes
Lonely in the crowd, the tower could only look on.

Crows and vultures feasting
On the leftovers of titans
An occasional dove aspiring for the tower
Chased away by vicious calls.

Years rolled away,
The storm of time, blinding all—
Many a thing, changed,
And many a lesson, taught.

And when the tower opened his eyes,
The world was strangely fair and new,
Fresher was the breeze, and farther, the sight.
And the titans—None were there!

Yet, there they were—
Only, too small to be seen.
Whether they shrunk, or he grew,
A new era was come.

A single dove, the tower’s love
Descended onto the roof—
Relief! Comfort! Merriment! Elation!
Luminescence! Enlightenment!


Note: "Search for a Lost Dream" and "The Lone Tower" were revealed to me on the same night. Of course, I modified them a little bit later. If the lost dream had some rhyming, this one has absolutely none.


Aakarsh said...

tell me one thing!! are you on a kind of rampage!!! though an understatement, i would say, it is quite remarkable..wonderful one man.

Gandaragolaka said...

This one is actually on my life till now..How I was in undergrad and how I see myself with respect to those people now..

I hope you got the symbolism on the doves and other birds

Ragz said...

The lone tower? maybe not the lone...great to see you in swing. Immensely liking it reading your blog

Gandaragolaka said...

'Lone' meant the everyday company around me in those days.