Thursday, March 02, 2006

This and that

The other day, I was watching TV (I moved to my friend's house) late night. I was racing towards Star World to watch whatever was left of Seinfeld with all the speed my fingers could provide, when suddenly I had to apply the air-brake-- at an unlikely stop-- DD-8 Saptagiri.

They were showing a documentary on Amaraavathi. The head priest with his immaculate diction was explaining that panchaaraamaas are five aaraamaas such as Daakshaaraamam, etc., and that Amaraavathi is actually Amaraaraamam, and so on. After that, when I was about to press on the accelerator again, I had to drop the idea ..This time, a lalitha geetham. A truly wonderful Keeravaani duet. I dont remember the names of the 2 singers, but I guess I havent seen the last of them, that is, if I am able to keep track of DD8 at that hour everyday.

An then, to top it all, at 11:30 in the night, of the programmes on all the channels, Aanando-Brahma!!! The jaw dropped--half an hour of great humour, of stupendous acting (even "ok" acting skills are a rare commodity these days), and of those good old characters we grew up watching on television-- before there was something called cableTV, before there were instruments called cell phones, before there was a field called IT....

What I would not give to watch, just once, "pandhula pempakam" on vyavasaayadaarula kaaryakramam... that would have been a perfect birthday gift, though I am more than happy with what I got.


Ragz said...

DD one ought to record progs like anando brahma , wonder if we can get the DVDs of tenali ramakrishna or bhojaraju kathalu

Aakarsh said...

Dude! if u can find aanandho Brahman anywhere...dont forget to grab it (and share it). Dharmavarapu at his best there.