Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A silly lil American song

A silly lil American song

My girlfriend’s boyfriend is from Alabama!
O Boy! He’s such a panorama!
A frets about and mucks about,
Really makes a lot of melodrama!

Once muh girl went to see the south side,
She had a great time in the farms wide,
He saw her there, and made the dare,
She fell for his long and huge….. homa!

Muh girlfriend’s boyfriend is a great countryman
Eveready for war, and he is a nascar-man!
An ardent fan, of dubyaman,
His neck has a reddish red chroma!

And now muh girlfriend don’t love me no more,
She says that I am a huge huge bore,
She likes him and he likes her,
O why don’t I die of melanoma!

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