Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A plea to save natural habitat

Long ago, I had a minor revelation about bangalore. Now, lets look at a different scene.

Magrath Road is supposed to be a posh locality. It is home to a couple of very high-class hotels in the hub of the city--in close proximity of Brigade Road, Residency Road and MG Road (every city has one, if you dont know the rule). Other than the everlasting road construction work and narrow one-way street, a very curious phenomenon is the presence of a pack of a species called "Stray dogs".

My own meditations on the presence of this species in this area told me that this is not very surprising-- a one-way street (did I mention "narrow"?) with a dead-end has very low traffic. If that street has a restaurant, then naturally it will have a lot of trash. This is a perfect place for dogs. If someone asks me what is Magrath Road most useful for, my answer will be-- to breed Stray dogs.

The only problem is a species called "Homo sapiens". What if someday, the road opens to free-flowing traffic? Or what if the authorities decide to clean-up the road? Or what if some American guy (a species very close to Indian guy, but is higher up the heirarchical ladder of economy-chain-- while he makes or breaks the economy of the world, his Indian counterpart can only get chained) finally decides to take action against stray-dogs, given the fact that there is a heavy interspecies competetion between the species of American guy and Stray dog, both competing for the same resources.

Given the jeopardy Stray dog is in, will someone not come to the aid of this mute being?


Sketchy Self said...

This idea
seems to be the best bet to make the american guy and the stray dog co-exist in the Magrath Road ecosystem.

yadbhavishya said...

I think the dogs should be given good food (and some place) from those hotels. This way, they are healthy, produce high quality bio-mass and pose no menace. And the idea suggested by sketchy should be 'outsourced' to the American Guy. This way the headline in Deccan Chronicle or TOI (Bengalooruu's official paper) can read "Indians trade-in bio-fuel for civilian N-fuel"

But Iam just waiting until something like this happens there. Mmm... what fun.

yadbhavishya said...

Also, Gandaragolaka, there is a city called Hyderabad in India where it is difficult to find an MG Road. This is because the roads are so curvy that the name changes even before you can say Lingam Yadav. You can never tell when Azampura changed to Dar-ul-shafa. Sure, go to Secunderabad and you will find as many MG Roads as you can find B-complex tablets. But be careful !

owww... see my word verif... ywduoyvd - read something like, 'why would you, Oh wy, vd' vd is vidya, ok?

Gandaragolaka said...

Aha! So finally France (symbolised by "le wild boar" or pig) finaly has its revenge on Germany (Bavaria).

Also, I could never understand whether B-complex is a complex B, or its a complex caused by B, or its a complex of B (like shopping complex).

see my WV: zhzhoee.. like that 80s moped whzzing by.

Ragz said...

just a curious question...have u found ur dogmatix then among the stray ones????. not to be outta context...but u should think about carrying a menhir aka obelix..(thats how dogmatix respects him, if he doesnt he can get a tap with the menhir). By the way you might want to try carrying a smaller size one. lest the god bite...oops its the dog.

Gandaragolaka said...

regarding dog bite, we (SSC guys vanly!) had a poem called "dog-bite" wherein a rabid mad dog bites a priest (saint) and the dog dies instead of the saint.