Monday, January 23, 2006

Identify the following compound

This is a test of your "hyderabadiness" (of course, N.A. if you are either not from Hyd or you dont claim to be from there!).

Identify the following compound "XXX":

"A panacea for several ailments which can be used both internally and externally.


Internal use:

COUGH COLD AND CORYZA Rub 4 drops of XXX on the neck, nose and also chest twice a day, morning and evening. It will also help if 4 drops are added to betel leaves or tea or coffee and consumed.

THROAT TROUBLE: Such as Tonsilitis, Hard Breathing and difficulty in swallowing--Add 2 drops of XXX in two to three glasses of boiling water and inhale vapour through mouth. Also paint the inside throat with swab dipped in XXX mixed with 1 oz. water

STOMACH TROUBLES: (Indigestion, Constipation, Flatulence, Loud Eructations, Bilious Retching and Loose Motions) Take 8 drops of XXX mixed with 1 oz. of water.

DYSENTERY Mix 8 drops of XXX with 10 grammes of butter or 50 grammes of curd and take twice, morning and evening on empty stomach till motions stop. Diet with barley water.

MALARIA: Fever followed by shivering-- Mix 8 drops of XXX with 1 oz. of water and take three times a day.

CHOLERA: Mix 8 drops of XXX with plain or soda water and take every 15 minutes till relief. During treatment take only Ganji or sabudana.

BREATHING TROUBLE OF CHILDREN: Mix 2 drops of XXX with mother's milk and feed the child. Also rub the chest of the child with 6 drops and foment with warm cloth. Repeat till relief. The above dosage is for children below 3 years.

External use:

HEADACHE: Rub on the forehead, 6 drops of XXX. If necessary repeat after two hours.

TOOTHACHE: Apply cotton swab soaked in XXX to the affected part ofthe gum every two hours till pain subsides.

EAR TROUBLE: Wash the affected ear with warm water and put 4 drops of XXX mixed with LUKEWARM coconut oil and plug with cotton.

PAINS: In any part of the body viz. Hands, feet, Back, Knees, etc.-- Rub on the affected part and foment with warm cloth. If the pain is chronic, mix XXX with equal quantity of kerosene oil and rub slowly twice a day morning and evening, foment with warm cloth and bandage.

SCORPION STING: Rub 4 drops of XXX on the part stung and apply heat from embers. Repeat till relief.

NOTE: XXX can be used during pregnancy also.


Sketchy Self said...

The One and Only ZINDA TILISMATH!! i don't know why the heck there's a bushman's face on the bottle, though!

Random Walker said...

I got carried away by XXX...

Gandaragolaka said...

right on flute!

but prc, that XXX was put there for a specific purpose.

Ragz said...

Zinda tilismath....Ha Ha Ha...That was an extremely interesting post. But I m glad you added the hyderabadi falvor in it. I still remember the ad ver well and right now I m even humming it.

Gandaragolaka said...

It is as hyderabadi as you can get.. kharkhana factory is in amberpet... close to malakpet.

Gandaragolaka said...

regarding the bushman on the pack, it may be that the recipe was discovered in kalahari desert.. may be.. and then carried from there to the middle east via the Islamic route... kalahari->sudan-> egypt->middle east.

wow! a new theory! see how easy it is? In reality, there may be no connection between the logo and the medicine...

Sketchy Self said...

kedar, you're that you mention it, you wrote about how Lingam Yadav's ancestors were from dwaraka...maybe ZT found its way from the middle-east to those then coast-dwelling people, and traveled with them as a household secret to our old city!

Gandaragolaka said...

well well.. what do you know... you just coooked up one more lingam adventure.. why dont you formalise it and set it down in writing on ur blog as an episode??
(better not to include obul yet... I am cooking up something!)... in the mean time, you can use 2 new characters: the tamil super hero
"thondamaan" (remember kondalalo nelakonna?? his name appears there.. he is a tam king "...thondamaan chakuravatti..."), and his dad, "paalathondamaan".

Aakarsh said...

I am late..but hit it right..
Right after reading "panacea for several ailments", i thought it would be zinda thilismath(courtesy: All India Radio, Hyderabad Kendram, Vividbharathi..Vaanijya Prasaara Vibhaagam.."JanaRanjani" samarpinchunadhi.....Blah Blah..)..i didnt even read the whole post..and checked the answer.Bingo..
But man, that was easy..

Gandaragolaka said...

good good! if it was easy, its good... but its easy only for ppl till our generation... not for most ppl later on.

yadbhavishya said...

Its not Amberpet be... its Golnaaka Ghoda Chowrasta - details amma details

and I will try to find out more about the person on it. It is in all probability the maker of Zinda... When its Unani, a kalahari bushman's face can be quite confusing...

And nobody mentioned for people's sake which company makes it... !!