Monday, December 05, 2005

Vande Mataram

1) Vande Mataram Traditional, in Desh.

2) Vande Mataram rendition by Sudha Raghunathan,in traditional Desh tune (with her own spin).

3) Vande Mataram from Anand Math (1951) (I am afraid this is not the original song sung by Hemant Kumar et al).

4) Vande Mataram in Khambavati by a seemingly young Mogubai Kurdikar (Mother of Kishori Amonkar).. a very old recording-- 1947.

5) Vande Mataram in Brindavani Saranga by Vishnupant Phagnis.. this is older-- 1920s.

6) Vande Mataram in kafi by Omkarnath Thakur. Again, very old-- 1938-39.

7) Vande Mataram from "Vande Mataram" album by A.R.Rahman -- Traditional, in Desh with wonderful Saxophone by Chris "Snake" Davis.


Aakarsh said...

The composition itself is a wonderful one.But i like even the Hemanth Kumar's version.Also, rahman's version, coz he didnt tamper with the quality of composition but has enhanced it.

Nice compilation of all versions Kedar.

yadbhavishya said...


Please read this document.
Its a 10page 125k PDF file.

The full version of Vandemataram (of which most of us know only two paras and why we know only two), the translation, the history behind it, the controversy and do not miss the description of the moments that led Bankimchandra to write this masterpiece.

Again, kedar, great compilation.

yadbhavishya said...

The link to the document

Bhale Budugu said...

good collection...

goggly said...

I enjoyed listening Mogubbai's rendering .. amazing it was done in 47