Monday, September 05, 2005

Tempest of Manna.

3 people.

Me and a couple of 'muh home boys' (thats friends in african-american!) were walking towards commercial street on Sunday eve around 7 PM when it happened. And how everyone ran here and there... makes me remember that line from Molla Ramayanam-- sandula gondula doori sattumi lemin! (On seeing the humiliating fate of the kings and princes who tried to lift Siva DhanuSa, the other suitors ran helter-skelter and hid themselves in bylanes to escape that insult!).

It rained so heavily, so all of a sudden, that we were completely caught unawares.

Now, we are standing under the porch of some shop waiting for the rain to abate. Mahesh, the eldest one, is desperately looking for autos.. no one wants to come to either CMH road or Domlur, and if they are ready, they are asking for 60-70 rupees (it would normally take abt 30/-). So he is in a circular loop and thats about him... and the other guy Nitin, well... he is so frustrated that he starts looking at the wet babes (did I mention they were wet?) to take his mind of the current "predicament".

Anyways, what do I do? I dont take notice of anyone at all, and start making up some tune in Miya-ki-Malhar ( "bole re papihara" is in that raga). And I proudly declare to Nitin... "this is a Malhar." And he looks at me angrily and says ," its raining and and you sing malhar?? Are you nuts??" (Not that it rained heavily because I sang Malhar, but you know how people like to have a scape-goat!).

And then it dawned on me how Cacophonix the bard must have felt in that village... savages! Barbarians! ...Sigh! I promptly changed track to Basant Bahar. Soon, I realised I was tilting more towards Basant and Bahar was increasingly left out. And Basant gave way to the closely allied Panthuvarali... and slowly the r1 and d1 dissappeared and I was left with...


A tune slowly materialised, and I started adding words to it. I finished it today.
It comes out this way:

p: nannu kaana rava, veyi kanula deva!
ilalOna neeku, satevvaru....

a: nee mahima juupi, nannu brovaleva,
Indra Mahendra Surendra Devendra

ch:vidyutvajra dhara, Shachi kanthi kara
sarva dukha hara, vRtra samhara...
viraminchu nee mahapraLayavarshini
tilakinchu naa gaana Amruthavarshnini.

This is my first telugu experiment.

As usual, I am having nightmares with the tala part (shooting for Adi). Anyways, I have nost mentioned the swaras here... (an open invitation for all to use this sahityam to whichever tune. Imagine... you can be a part of the only kriti dedicated to Indra!). Any corrections, improvements to the lyrics are always welcome.


PS: It was just a rainy evening... its very interesting how people make such a big deal out of it!


yadbhavishya said...

Of course you should make a big deal of it... too costly to let go of any chance you see... and you did well...

Iam still digesting the kriti on Indra though.

good work...

Random Walker said...


I sort of put a melody to the pallavi and anupallavi (changed the sahitya of pallavi to " nannugaava raava devaadhi deva". also i could immediately figure our something for the last line of charanam-- (couldnt figure out logical and aesthetic swaras for the first two lines of charanam /* i did nothing but this the whole day*/) tell me what you think of it. (forgive my audacity in trying to sing it myself--hope u will survive it)--i sent it to your email.


Gandaragolaka said...

We definitely need to have that mp3 online somewhere!!!

"Iam still digesting the kriti on Indra though."

What does that mean?

Gandaragolaka said...

I just realised that the post is riddled with a million grammatical (esp. those related to tense) mistakes! I am beginning to regret this post!

yadbhavishya said...

"Iam still digesting the kriti on Indra..." was just a passing comment.

If you are still interested,

reason: The Irony
The Indra in our pauranika movies, is usually played by a ultra sidey actor and he gets vaquished by every small asura on his way to kailasam / vaikuntham. They even show him running, escaping, hiding behind his aasanam etc.

But we know so many of the vedic segments are referenced to Indra, affiliated to Indra, the chief-in-charge of swargalokam.

And your kriti on him. It all added up in a span of few seconds in my mind and that statement churned out.