Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hindustani raga Shankara is one of the most august ragas with insurmountable grandeur. Very easy to identify, it is highly surprising that carnatic musicians have not explored much into it. The only composition that I can cite from the south is a music piece from the movie Maayaabazaar coutesy Ghantasala--A ragamalika (Shankara is starting raga, and the most prominent) heard when Balarama is accorded a royal welcome by Shakuni and gang. It follows similar notation to that of the following song from Sehgal:

Most people from the south have also heard Shankara (albeit unknowingly) in one of the forms of Hanuman chalisa.

Here is an experiment in Shankara--It is still in concept stage (not sure how to give notes... this raga has some meends). Also, lyrics may need fine tuning.

p: Sham karatha Shankara!
Triloka dyuthikara!

a: Mahesham Bhavesham bhave
Shambhave Shubhakara!

c: Mahaarudranaaraayana ugra roopa
PraLayaagni hoomkaara naada swaroopa
RaNadundubi jayajayadhwaanakara!



Random Walker said...

ahaa! For years that background piece has been playing in my head from mayabazar (btw dont u think the bgm for mayabazaar is tops!!)
shankara as I hear Saigal's version seems to be based on Shankaraabharana but without the Madhyamam. The P N3 S prayog/chalan also gives it a slightly Hamsadhwani touch. Methinks, s ga riga pa ni da ni Sa might not be a outrageous attempt at fixing the arohanam. The Gamakas are, I think, on ri (as in ri-ga-ri)and on da (as in da-ni-da or da-sa-ni-da) and ni (as in ni-sa)(BTW beatiful lyrics for the anupallavi mahesham bhavesham bhave shambhave)this raga seems to be good in madhyama kala or higher prayogas. Hope this helps!

Gandaragolaka said...

u r very very close!!! Yes, bgm from mayabazar rocks and double rocks! I have recorded bits and pieces from it and listen to it.

the arohana is: s g p n d s [n] s
there is a gamaka on ni...

avarohana: s n p-g-p, (also p-g-p-d-g-p), g-r-[g]->s

You can see they use a lot of tactics to avoid any aabhaas of Hamsadhwani:

also, the behaviour of the raga:

Aakarsh said...

babulaara! meeru ilaa Krithis raasesthey maalaanti vaallu yemavvali!! except for clapping with mouth-half-open..i cant comment more..

Sketchy Self said...

Looking forward to the development on this one!! Also, how's the previous kriti doing (indrAmritavarshini)? Please update :D because this isn't just an idle post on a's a creative focal point for our junta!! Rock on, guys!

Gandaragolaka said...

the amruthavarshini is done...not satisfied though...

the shankara is also almost done.

yadbhavishya said...

Kedar, listen to the background music in Lavakusa movie during Rama's coronation (paTTabhishekam) and the subsequent song, "Jaya Jaya raama...". It is an awesome Shankara... Ghantasala again.