Saturday, July 25, 2009

Muslims denigrate ‘Shiva-linga’ in Akola

Well, well!! The Somnath plunder incident occured more than 1000 years ago and to many secularists and humanists, this would be something out of the history books. And history, thanks to the American materialism, has become more like a fantasy. Remember Marsellus in Pulp Ficton: "I'ma get medieval on your ass?" Yes, medieval is some sort of fantasy parallel world thats not supposed to be 'real'.

But then, the Somnath plunder incident
1) was not definitely the first of its kind,
2) was not defnitely the last of its kind,
3) was not an exclusive feature of only that age.

Incidents like these, have happened till the late 18th century, during the british rule at the end of 19th century, in the living memory of many of our grand-parents in the early 20th century and well documented evidence after independence.

Nevertheless, here goes:

Muslims Denigrate 'Shiva-Linga' in Akola, Maharashtra

Growing insolence in Muslims owing to Congress appeasement! O Hindus, be prepare to Save Temples from ant-Hindus to serve Hindu Dharma!

Akola (Maharashtra): Fanatic Muslims burst in Sopinath Temple and denigrated Shiva-linga, idol of ‘Nandi (the vehicle of Lord Shiva)’ and the trident while raising slogans of ‘Allah Ho Akbar’. They also attacked brutally the priest of the temple. (Hindus must note that the attack by insolent Muslims are on the rise; and it is time that the Hindus carry weapons which are permitted by law to restrain the Muslims! – Editor SP)

Hundreds of enraged Hindus took to the road that caused tension in the area. (Hindus must eradicate Congress in the forthcoming elections as it has created Pakistan-like conditions in this country! – Editor SP) Both the factions have lodged complaints against each other. Cases have been filed against 9 persons out of whom 5 have been arrested.

A gang of 10-15 fanatic Muslims went to the temple on Tuesday in the evening and started beating up Seetaram Chavan, the priest. (How can Muslims dare to hit a Hindu priest in India where Hindus are supposed to be in majority ? – Editor SP)

Later, several youths from both the groups took to the road. Police have arrested 3 Muslims based on the complaint lodged by Chavan. (How only 3 Muslims have been arrested when there were 10-15 fanatic Muslims involved in the attack ? – Editor SP) One Muslim young woman was asked to lodge a complaint with the police against the priest implicating him in the case of eve-teasing. Due to this complaint, police took into custody even Chavan and Deepak Phulari. (Police are prompt in taking action against Hindus ! – Editor SP)

Source: Dainik sanatan Prabhat

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