Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why muslims dont like history?

Let us consider this known, verified, and accepted bit of history lesson from wikipedia:

"Afzal Khan, after leaving Bijapur desecrated Hindu temples at Tuljapur and Pandharpur. He planned to get an emotionally overwrought Shivaji Maharaj to retaliate with his limited military resources, and thus lead him and his budding military power to easy destruction by the numerically superior, better armed and a more professional Bijapur army. However, Shivaji Maharaj had other ideas and he sent a letter saying he was not eager to face Afzal Khan and sought some type of understanding. Shivaji Maharaj upon carefully weighing his options, strategically decided to confront and surprise Afzal Khan under the guise of diplomatic negotiations. A meeting was arranged between Afzal Khan and Shivaji Maharaj at the foothills of Fort Pratapgad.[6]
Wagh nakh
Shivaji Maharaj, armed himself with weapons like bichwa (dagger), wagh nakh (tiger claw) and chilkhat (chain-mail armour) prior to the meeting. What transpired during the meeting was not recorded by scribes, but folklore has it that Afzal Khan embraced Shivaji per their custom and attempted to stab Shivaji in the back. Shivaji's agility, strength and his armour help to save him and then Shivaji counter attacked Afzal Khan with a wagh nakh and bich'hwa, spilling his blood and entrails on the ground. Thereupon Afzal Khan's bodyguard Sayyed Banda responding to this incident attacked Shivaji but was intercepted by Jiva Mahala, Shivaji Maharaj's personal bodyguard, cutting off one of Sayyed Banda's hands with a Dandpatta (Pata-a medieval weapon). Afzal Khan stumbled out of the tent to get help and collapsed into a waiting palanquin, but was attacked and slain by Shivaji Maharaj's associate Sambhaji Kavji Kondhalkar, before he could raise an alarm."

So when Indians put up a huge poster showing just that, during Ganesha navarathi, there should be no problem, because they are just showing what happened. Nothing extra. Then how the hell did these happen (notice the actual poster towards the end of the third video)?

Please note that this incident is neither unprecedented nor sporadic. These incidents occur regularly during Indian fesitval season.

Updates (from Satyameva jayate):

Below are links to recent (last few weeks) incidents of desecration of Hindu icons (pl. read this post to understand why I have deliberately and consciouly used the word “icon” in place of “idol”):

Lord Krishna’s broken Murthy in Ahmedabad, 17 Aug 2009

Idol desecration triggers tension, Bangalore, 23 Aug 2009

Lord Shiva desecrated, Mangalore 17 Jul 2009

Gang desecrates Ganesha in Tamil Nadu, 25 Aug 2009

This is my explanation:
Muslims would never want us Indians (Hindus) to feel proud of our icons. If someone tries that, they will use any possible means--political lobbying, emotional-blackmail, or even direct violence. What is the result of that? Get this---we cant celebrate our festival, in our way, in our own country! That is what Islam is doing to India! Is it time to get up and stop putting up with this shit yet?


yadbhavishya said...

How dare you try to show our muslim brothers in poor light!

If AR Rahman is offended by your blogpost and registers a protest by composing a great halaal music piece against your blog, tell me, will you still call for his blood?

When will you ever learn Gandaragolaka? Dont you have any good muslim friends to look to?

Gandaragolaka said...

Exactly my point. All this "anti-minotiry", "anti-secular", and "hindu-funamentalist" venom seems to be due to lack of "sheer khurma" during my formative age.

Even now, as our good friend once said, if I happen to spend a night in a good muslim's home, may be I would change!

Karmasura said...

Of all the things they could possibly do, I hope the ones who put it up haven't taken it down!!!