Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The thing called 'secularism': Part-II

...contd from Part-I:

And so it was that a wonderful system that was meant to last for eternity was destroyed. Of course, now is the time to extract parallels between the parable and the real world:

The deity: A role model for all secularists, symbolising Secularism itself.
The Tiger: Indian Abrahamist
The Cow: Indian (Hindu)
The Fox: Foreign Abrahamist

To Conclude, all of that long parable can be put more entertainingly in this ending sequence from Andaz Apna Apna:

Prem realises that the gun he holds has no bullets, and he promptly lets Amar know of this. All the gundaas pick up their guns and tables are turned, yet again. Crime Master Gogo is devastatingly angry at Amar and Prem and is ready to kill them both...

Crime Master Gogo: Teri Akhri Khwaish kya hai Kaliya?
Amar: May, marne se pehle, ek bar isko (Prem ko) peetna chahta hu.
Prem: Nahi, may marne se pehle pitna nahi chahta.
Amar: Nahi, Please Gogo maibaap, may isko peetna chahta hu.
Prem: Nahi, Nahi, Nahi!
Crime Master Gogo: do minute ka waqt detahu. Tum (Amar) peet sako to peeto, aur tum (Prem) bach sako to bacho. Action!
The Hindu says, "I dont want to be converted because I love where I am".
But the Abrahamist says, "Its against my religion not to convert."
And so our Secular Indian govt has interpreted something called 'right to religious freedom' in a way that means-- get this right--

"Abrahamists have complete freedom to convert Hindus, and at the same time, Hindus have complete freedom not to get converted."

Did you get that? I am not sure.. let me say that again--

"Abrahamists have complete freedom to convert Hindus, and at the same time, Hindus have complete freedom NOT to get converted."

Thats what secularism does. And if we actually go ahead and impose a blanket ban on conversions, we would be violating one of the basic tenets of Abrahamic religions. They cannot even breathe without evangelism. We would be infringing on their 'right to religious freedom'.

And so my dear secularists, know this-- 'secularism', the thing that you hold on to so dearly, is not wanted in this country.


Now, over to America: Guess who are the most vociferous opponents of secularism there? The very people who support secularism here-- proper evangetlist Christians. They never let people to be left alone. They just have to keep proselytising! So why are the against secularism? Because if American Christians are really afraid of something, its neither Islam, nor an irreligious atheistic govt. Its a cult called 'The Latter Day Saint', commonly called Mormons. They are the evangelists of the evangelists. Masters of conversion. Absolute horror to all those presbyterians, Baptists, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, etc--poaching away prized adherents from their sects! Just cant mess with them! And this is why other sects of Christianity oppose secularism in America. They want to be left alone. Does that ring a bell?

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