Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Naizam Titbits

Now that I wrote something on Hyderabad, the history monster in me woke up, and a simple google search (wonder why others dont get such facts themselves) revealed these:
1) No less than 200,000 muslim men were recruited as Razakars to counter any attempt by the local Hindu population (which was then more than 90%) to stage an internal rebellion.

2) In August 1919, Osmania University was founded to impart higher education in Urdu medium to Muslims and Urdu speaking Hindus in Telangana. When Mohammed Ali Jinnah, father of Islamic State of Pakistan (Islamic Pure State) visited the university, he addressed the students as "my Muslim students," ignoring Hindus among the students.

3) During Milad-un-Nabi celebrations of 1937, Prof. Maulvi Nazarul Hassan Gilani openly admonished the Muslims for their failure to convert Hindus to Islam by saying, "I am pained to see the inertness amongst Muslims, when there exist still 22 million ‘Dung Worshippers’ in this country (Hyderabad State)."

4) It is reported that the Nizam purposefully delayed any formal decision on the future of Hyderabad state and in the meanwhile, received arms supplies from Pakistan and from the Portuguese administration based in Goa. In addition, additional arms supplies were received via air drops from Australian arms trader Sidney Cotton.

5) The commander of the Hyderabad State Army, Major General El Edroos, was an Arab. A foreign man was the leader of our army just 60 years ago. For that matter, Nizams of the Asaf Jahi dynasty were Iraqis, the Qutub Shahi dynasty (which ruled Hyderabad before Nizams) was Turkish, and the Bahmani Sultans (who ruled TelangaNa before Qutub Shahi dynasty; there was no Hyderabad then) was Tajik-Persian (even heard of Tajikistan, fellows?). Around 600 years of foreign rule. But do we dare to celebrate 18th September as our Independence Day? (More on this in the next post).

6) "Operation Polo": Indian losses were 66 killed and 97 wounded. The losses suffered by Hyderbad state forces and volunteers combined were 1,863 killed and 3,558 captured (Take that you "£$"%^&*). 122 members of the Hyderbad sate forces were also wounded. It is said that on Marathwada front of the battle, Patel had all the Razakars lie on the road and had his Battletanks run over them. This is was one of main incidents that demoralized the Hyderabad state into capitulation. Yes. We were different then (Hindus, not Humanists).

7) In the following weeks after Operation Polo, the state erupted in widespread communal violence. 50,000 people may have died in the reprisals that followed the invasion.

8) Old names of some places whose named got changed in the Nizam Era:
a) Adilabad - Edlavaada
b) Nizamabad - Indur/Indrapuri
c) Karim Nagar - Elagandala
d) Mahaboob Nagar (distt) - Palamoor
e) Mahaboob Nagar (town) - Manukota
f) Medak - Metuku
g) Hyderabad - Bhagyanagaram.
9) Qasim Rizvi was the founder member and president of an organisation called "Majlis-Ittehadul-Muslimeen". Rings any bells? Yes. It is indeed the same political party MIM (which now calls itself All-India MIM) led by the Owasis today. You will be interested to know that though the constitution was changed, the views of the organisation havent changed. More on it in the next post.

10) Finally, this pic of our glorious Razakar holy-warriors holding three lowly mean upto-no-good 'dung worshippers' to deal with at their convenience. They were lazy Hyderabadis, you see :) Just look at their proud faces oozing accomplishment. Wonder what the others were doing in the Godavari Delta at that time....

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