Saturday, February 28, 2009

Analysis: Politics of Hatred

General Opinion:
This is all just politics of hatred. Everybody from politicians, police, and religious organisers are together in this. These people are in it for money, land, and power. There is hardly anything religious about it.

Underlying Assumption:
All religions are born in the same way, and given a particular situation, all of them make their adherents act in a similar manner.

Some irrefutable facts:
1) Hindus in India dont fret about persecution of Hindus in Malaysia, Fiji, or Pakistan.
2) Hindus in India fully understand that these internal problems of the respective countries.
3) Hindus in India realise that the best way is to raise public awareness in India and make sure the GoI takes appropriate steps through the international diplomatic channels.

1) In Pakistan, children are taught to hate Hindus.
2) This is a part of Pakistan's geo-politics to acquire Kashmir.
3) Pakistani Muslims should have nothing to do with either Muslims or Hindus in India.

Now, for some analysis:
Two questions arise:
1) If someone still believes all religions are same, can Hindus be succesful in preaching hatred against someone like, say Jews, Buddhists, Jains, or even Muslims in Pakistan who have nothing to do with Hindus in India?
2) If you are sensible enough to figure out the right answer for the first question, doesnt it follow that there is something in Islam that preaches hatred and violence, tailormade for Pakistan to be used against India?


Pooja said...

Well, aren't some hindus successful in preaching hatred against muslims in parts of India that have nothing to do muslims in their own part? Godhra? Yes, it is a lonely example - but it is.

I agree with the general opinion, with an added dash that you can only "use" gullible people in this manner, but there is never a dearth of gullible crowd. Riots are easier to explain with a "politics of hatred" tagline than planned and meticulous attacks. But it is politics of hatred nevertheless. I can even imagine gullible men killing Java people because they are Java imbeciles instead of being say C++ adherents, once they find someone to goad them into C++ hatred.

The phrase "politics of hatred" would not have come into use if only islamic leaders were using this tool. It is now a known concept only because religions and sects across the world are discovering their own brand of fundamentalism / fatalism with their leaders discovering this new tool. Whether this was in retaliation hardly matters in the long run. These leaders would have discovered it one way or the other. [As Bhishm says in Kurukshetra, the sin was in the humanity, the sparks at the bottom of society; if not Duryodhan then someone else would have ridden the hatred tide.] Some other sect would have discovered this tool and others would have retaliated. If today, a small leader could induce Java programmers to start killing C++ imbeciles, do you not think a "great" leader will be born as soon as the "leader of Java programmers who kill" becomes a powerful position ?

For those responsible, the ideology is irrelevant, power is everything, and the ignorant gullible crowds are simple tools. The fact that an ideology has been twisted more than others, has no bearing on the actual ideology.

[Note: I say this with conviction despite having read some of the islamic passages about women and their treatment and disagreeing with them heartily. Every religion was at some point or another, a tool of power for the elite. It is bound to make classes of second and third citizens and bind them with cruel rules. Which religion is not guilty of it?]

Gandaragolaka said...

Well well, lets stay on the topic.

My point was Islam is a readymade tool for anyone who wants to be a dictator (niyanta) of a large empire.

Looking from Muslim perspective, if you take out Hinduism from the picture, it doesnt change anything in Islam. They still wiped out every single Jewish tribe in Arabian peninsula, and killed thousands of Buddhist-infidels elsewhere in the name of religion.

Now, take out Islam from the hindu perspective and tell me-- can we dare say that Hindus preached hatred against someone just because he/she wasnt a Hindu?

Points like "many people are gullible", "people use religion for their petty gains", etc are true, I agree, but these are too oft talked about and there is nothing to add to them right now, but still, we can chant them over and over if that makes us happy :)

Pooja said...

And of course if one has made up his mind about a particular religion having certain flaws compared to his own, he'd be open to contradictory views :)

Why is "preaching hatred against someone just because he/she wasnt an Hindu"
different from
"preaching hatred against someone just because he/she wasnt a upper caste"
or from
"preaching hatred against someone just because he/she wasnt a marathi" ?
- It's the same group of people you are talking about. All hindus.

We are talking about a religion that did not have a term for 'religion'. Of course they did not kill 'others', there were no others to kill. Instead, they killed each other. We remember more of the massacres caused by christians / muslims because their history is recent. Hindus surely have had their share of blood bath in the past, but we only have sketchy historical evidence. I am poor at this knowledge, but weren't there shaiv - vaishnav conflicts that were as bad as the ones caused by christians / muslims? Weren't they preaching hatred against someone just because he/she wasnt a shaiv / vaishnav? The same people - all hindus.

Just because hinduism is an older and hence more mature religion is no reason to assume that it was not born the way all religions have been born - with human sacrifice; or spread the way most religions have been spread - preaching hatred against non-followers.

Gandaragolaka said...

OK! Again, lets be on the topic.

The point is not about preaching hatred. The point is about preaching hatred as a systematic long term political agenda "in order to create an empire".

Give me clear evidence that Hindus propagated hatred systematically, with religious sanction, written in holy-books and codified as a law so that Hindu-empires are created out of earlier ones.

Also, when you make a strong statement like "shaivas and vaishnavas indulged in blood-bath", back it up with enough evidence stating the right passages from the right religious books that ask Shaivas to persecute Vaishnavas and vice versa. And while you are at it, please extend the same courtesy to the origins of Caste system as well.

On the other hand, if you are not good with history, dont make such statements.