Friday, July 25, 2008

About our Bahu

There is everything you need to know about the "tyaag ki pratimaa", right here, right now... and its free!

"To end Bharat Mata’s shame and pain, what can patriotic Indians do in a democracy?

As a first step there is an urgent need to document the facts about their citizenship on notarized paper, for which we need to set up a network in London, Milan, Hongkong, and in Venezuela. Those persuaded by my above stated facts and arguments may join in and help set up this network. Other steps can come later once this is accomplished."

need I say anything more?.. read on:


Thiagarajan M said...

Man!!!ye link kahan se pakda. So interesting that I wanted to complete in one sitting.

Gandaragolaka said...

haha! good that u read it. The more important job is, spread the message!