Friday, January 18, 2008

If Not "Hindutva", then what?

A comment by a blogger Ashish to this post :

If not Hindutva, then what?

1. Abrahamic (Jewish-Christian-Islamic)tattva?
That I am right, and you are wrong, and you must sign up to be in my club or else..?

That everything has been put on earth to serve man, so let the enjoyment begin?

2. Rationality tattva?
To a degree, yes, but that “degree” is already built into Hindutva.

Most of these “pure rationalists” have no problem destroying cultures that have benignly held together the masses. These “rationalists” assume that everyone but themselves is a fool, and even a Way of Life that developed over 12000 years ago (at least) and has a huge chunk of the world’s scientific discoveries to its credit, is nothing but a collection of rituals and superstitions.

3. Capitalism tattva?
To a degree, yes. But we all know what unabated money-mongering will do.

You must have something to guide you, and notice that I have not just stopped at the usual suspects (religions), but am willing to include other principles too..

Hindutva is the answer.

The point is put across very succintly. This comment serves well as a continuation of my previous post.

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