Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The four were not yet born, the eight still far away in thought.
The five were one yet, the universe still was not wrought.

Not even darkness. Not even nothing.

Then there was nothing. Darkness everywhere-- all engulfing, all encompassing-- A defeaning darkness. Issuing out of the depths of that nothing, and going back into that unseen chasm of nothingness.
Out of that nothingness was born the First of All-- Experience. And out of the Experience came a horrid fright. A fright that held the Unborn Universe as She saw her own Nemesis was being born before She was born.
A fright that would have made Man tear his own flesh and drink his own blood in a maddening dementia.
A fright that gripped even the Nemesis as she saw her own End -- slow, painful, and eternal.
A fright that struck and shook fright itself.

When would this torture end?

And fright called out:
O Most Powerful, Most Fearsome, Grandest and Greatest!
O Warrior of the Beyond, Slayer of the Great Foe unsown!
O Harbinger of the Eternal peace, my Only Saviour and Recourse,
Wilt Thou not take me, ere I drown in the venom of mine own?

There were swirling vortexes of blackness all around. Everything feared everything else and itself. Everything engulfed everything else and itself. Unmanifested realities contested among themselves without any rules and shattered themselves into a million fragments with indescribable elan. New unborn realities, formed from those fragments took their place and led the battle to newer planes of rage and passion.

A heavy burden of inexplicable melancholy. A feeling of permanent distress. Yet, no, this cannot be permanent, said a voice within. For anything permanent has to be blissful. Only a passing phase. Only Pangs of Birth. A grim determination arose-- To carry on. To suffer the pain. To brave the blows. To face the fear. To wade through the violence.

And PaSupathi opened His eyes to the Universe born as the Unborn, Unheard Sound--AnAhata Adi nAda.

Paarvathi Naatha Shiva Shambho,
MahaabaLi, Mahaaroopa, Mahaadevatha jaage!
(Dhrupad in Puriya-- chautaal)


yadbhavishya said...

Aum aghOrEbhyO ghOrEbhyO ghOraghOr 'tharE bhya: sarvEbhya-sSarva sarvebhyO namastE astu rudra -rUpebhya:

"deafening darkness"
- is it unheard or unseen?

the 'experience' excellently manifested into words...

and finally,
"mrtyavE svAhA, mrtyavE svAhA" - the sound is just irresistible.

Gandaragolaka said...

the darkness was meant to be defeaning, as a build up to the birth of the universe as the anAhata nAda.

"vAmadEvAya namO jyEshThAya namah SreshThAya namO rudrAya namah kAlAya namah kalavikaraNAya namO balavikaraNaya namO balAya namO balapramathanAya namassarvabhUtamadanAya namO manOnmanAya namaha."