Monday, October 16, 2006


What does a human being long for in life? Money, perhaps? or may be power? or may be love and affection? But are all these different? There is a definite common human quality associated with all these... underlying the outwardly different manifestations of materialism. It is not exactly materisalism that satisfies our human urges... it is the urge for the experience that we crave that matters so much to us. This childish longing for that sublime entity called experience makes us humans go to nefarious lengths, even if its only out of sheer malice and jealousy towards our fellows. Nevertheless, the importance of this thing called 'experience' cannot be underestimated.

But then, of what use is a brilliant masterpiece of visual art to a blind person? how can a congenitally deaf person comprehend music? Experience is more valuable than the value of the object sought! In that sense, the object associated with experience no longer matters once that familiar sensation starts to set in. The object remains as a gate-way to that realm, a vehicle to carry us across to the other shore, a means to the end. Hypothetically it can be argued, eventhough it seems a repugnant notion, that if an obect gives that same beautiful, instantly uplifting, and emotionally intense feeling to a woman that is gifted to her as her maternal instinct, the woman may be less inclined to beget a child since her urge has been satisfied by another object.

The problem is that though over the millennia, ways and means by which this experience can be had permanently, or for atleast a long time have been tried, successfully tested and documented, they have never been popular. And of course, they will never be. Most of us are not ready to wake up to that ultimate reality, to realise what we already know, to understake that ascent to the topmost turrets of the towers of our own inner selves and throw open all the windows and let ourselves be affected, exposed, and receptive to new, hitherto unknown, and inexplicable sensations of the higher realm... for Sensation preserved in memory is but Experience.

Hence, it now seems to me that humans are not exactly materialistic, what is materialistic is the way we adopt to satisfy the urge for the experience.


Ragz said...

We all live for experiences, said someoen to me recently, I was wondering why I didnt realize that before and now I see your blog, and I think its getting rammed pretty fine...I dont mean in a lighter sense but pretty good one. Well one's late realization works out for the other...well there are ways we can put it...but in a materialistic world, the sooner one's wiser, the better is the experience

Kalyan said...

Very well said.

In a way...taking control over these experiences equals that of winning over senses.

Gandaragolaka said...

ragz and kalyan:
sorry for the late reply. Was caught up in something else.

well said. I think the point is, sooner or later, everyone realises that, but how easily do we give in to the passion of the moment and still act in the same way as others.

Kalyan said...
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Kalyan said...

Circumstantial infulences play a major part. I very must agree to a fact where anything can be accomplished/realized.
Timing being the only difference.