Friday, March 11, 2005

Irony of Mother Nature

Once upon a time, there lived some organisms on a planet. They use to breathe- in a gas they called "the-good-gas" and breathe-out another gas called "the-bad-gas". They were all happy, content, and too innocent to notice that "the-bad-gas" was accumulating in the atmosphere at a really fast rate and that meant danger to them. Now, there was this slave creature that fed on what these organisms breathed out, and gave out "the-good-gas" and since it was different from them, no one used to really pay attention to it.

By and by, "the-bad-gas" got accumulated to dangerous levels and these organisms started dying. The slave took this opportunity, and consumed a lot of "the-bad-gas" and grew so strong it started replicating and creating more of its kind. Some other stupidly inert organisms saw this chance and invited these slaves into their cells and let them have their way. They grew in power, and strength and even joined together to form newer creatures. They soon staged an easy coup and started ruling the planet. The first thing they did was changed the name of "the-bad-gas" to "the-bad-gas-which-is-actually-good", and that of "the-good-gas" to

Time passed on the newer creatures discovered that they were aging and dying far too sooner than the earlier organisms. Investigation pointed out to the slaves that took "the-bad-gas-which-is-actually-good". When they work, they also produce some by-products that are really harmful and cause aging. And so, the name of "the-bad-gas-which-is-actually-good" was changed to "the-bad-gas-which-is-actually- good-but-causes-aging"

In another ironic twist, someone discovered that "the-good-gas-that-is-actually- useless" can be used to make a kind of ice that preserves things and keeps them cool.
So they changed its name to "the-good-gas-that-is-actually-useless-but-proven-to-be- really-useful"

Finally, one day, a sensible creature came up and changed the names of the two gases to "oxygen" and "carbon-di-oxide" respectively, which meant "necessary evil" and "useless tinsel" respectively in the language of its country. Ironically, it died soon afer because of toxic fumes containing "carbon-di-oxide" emitted by the machines that were the new trend.


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